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Bottom Dog 10th Anniversary Bottom Dog 10th Anniversary


PHOTOS: Limerick theatre company Bottom Dog 10th Anniversary celebration

Bottom Dog 10th Anniversary is a cause for celebration. Pictured: John Murphy, Ensemble Member of Bottom Dog, Myles Breen, Founder of Bottom Dog, Liam O’Brien, Artistic Director of Bottom Dog. Picture: Baoyan Zhang/ilovelimerick


Bottoms Up! Limerick’s theatre company Bottom Dog 10th Anniversary celebration 

by ilovelimerick Correspondent Baoyan Zhang





Limerick’s theatre company Bottom Dog is celebrating their 10th anniversary! Founded in 2008, by Myles Breen, Mike Burke, Mike Finn, and Liam O’Brien, this Limerick company is at the forefront of theatre both in our native city and as a voice in the current generation of Irish theatre-makers. They have been nominated for multiple Irish Theatre awards and made their international debut with an award-winning production of ‘Language UnBecoming A Lady’ in New York in 2015. Limerick Council bestowed the highest Civic honours to Bottom Dog Theatre Company for their contribution to Arts and Culture, and their role as cultural ambassadors for the city here and abroad. The company was nominated for several awards nationally including 3 Irish Times Theatre Awards and Myles Breen won Best Actor at Origin’s 1st Irish Theatre Festival in New York.

Aiming at keeping the professional practice of theatre alive in Limerick, Bottom Dog Theatre Company empower theatre artists to base themselves in their native city working collaboratively and creatively, while at all times prioritising the creation of challenging productions that offer direct employment and encourage their commitment to a career in the theatre.

The company’s approach is very much rooted in established ensemble practice with all new works to date having been produced through a collaboration between writers, directors, and the cast. 

Bottom Dog 10th Anniversary

Bottoms Up! Limerick’s theatre company Bottom Dog is celebrating the 10th Anniversary. Pictured: Cllr Michael Collins, Deputy Mayor of the City and County of Limerick, Myles Breen, Founder of Bottom Dog, Cllr Elenora Hogan, John Murphy, Ensemble Member of Bottom Dog, Cllr John Costelloe. Picture: Baoyan Zhang/ilovelimerick

At the event’s launch at the Commercial Bar, Bottom Dog founder Myles Breen said:

“It’s not always been easy, and it’s taken so much work from all of us, but this event is a time to look back and celebrate everything Bottom Dog has achieved – and that’s largely down to the generosity of two important groups of people.

Those who’ve helped us make the shows – the actors, directors, writers, designers and stage crew. And the second group our audience; the supporters and friends who’ve bought tickets whether it was a small show in the Loft or a rehearsed reading on a wet Sunday in Spring, to a fundraising gala such as this, that helped us bring homegrown Limerick theatre to New York in 2015.”

Fellow Bottom Dog member John Murphy continued:

“Our audience is one of the most loyal groups of people you’ve ever met and we wanted to somehow highlight and include that in the celebration. So Liam and I interviewed and filmed many of them telling their side of the story – in a way to bring them up on stage with us as we celebrate the work that they helped make happen in the first place. “

Bottom Dog Artistic Director Liam O’Brien interjected: “Our only trouble now is we have so much footage that much of it will be on the cutting room floor or the show would be 8 hours long. Perhaps we’ll collate it all into a feature documentary next year. I can see it now The Bottom Truth!”

The atmosphere at the launch was certainly one of great positivity and celebration with great support from local artists, theatre groups and members of the local council. Bottom Dog is clearly a vital Limerick arts organisation who plan to cement their achievements to date, by showcasing the wealth and diversity of talent they’ve not only brought to the Limerick stage but given a platform to be seen – nationally and internationally.

The company will present their Bottom Dog 10th Anniversary retrospective on Saturday, September 15 at Belltable.

This Bottom Dog 10th Anniversary Gala fundraising performance features highlights from 14 shows including their international award winning Language UnBecoming A Lady, a critically acclaimed tour of Drinking In America, the city of culture hit The Bachelor of Kilkish and the much-loved musicals Elegies and Killer Kabaret. The night features ensemble members Myles Breen and Liam O’Brien alongside a cast of local and national stars.

After the show, the audience can join the after-party at the Savoy Hotel for great food, wonderful company and live music with Liam O’ Brien and the Million Dollar Swing Band. Drinks Reception starts at 7 pm at Belltable. The performance starts at 8 pm and the After Show party at the Savoy Hotel will begin at 10 pm.

Tickets are all inclusive – €50 and can be purchased from the Belltable, or if you prefer a cash purchase and tickets delivered by hand, then feel free to text or call on 085 208 5737.

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Pictures: Baoyan Zhang/ilovelimerick

Pictures: Dolf Patijn/ilovelimerick

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