Limerick rap artist Denise Chaila releases new EP Dual Citizenship

Denise Chaila

Denise Chaila Limerick rap artist. Picture: Shane Serrano

Limerick rap artist Denise Chaila releases new EP Dual Citizenship

Denise Chaila is a Zambian rapper, singer and poet who is now living and pursuing her music career here in Limerick. Chaila’s two cultures collide in her music as she voices her passion for justice and social change through her raw and honest music. Her music blends spoken word and rap to give voice to a transatlantic odyssey exploring identity, belonging, and home from the heart and mind of a diasporan dreamer.

Chaila made her mark on the music industry after she made several appearances with the popular Limerick and Clare rap group, Rusangano Family. In 2016 Rusangano Family dropped their second album called Let the Dead Bury the Dead where Chaila lends her powerful words to their song ‘Isn’t Dinner Nice’. Now fast forward to present day, Chaila is flourishing on her own two feet with her brand new solo EP Dual Citizenship that was released January 25. Listen to ‘Copper Bullet’ below.

Chaila says: ‘Copper Bullet’ is a celebration of confidence, a personal anthem of joy after a long period of self-doubt and stagnation. It’s a recommitment to myself and an outright rejection of anything and anybody that would make a sub-genre out of me. “This song came from long conversations and reflections about what it means to be a ‘female rapper’. In the end, I’m not a detour or an honorary member of a boys club; either I’m good enough to be a part of this conversation or I’m not. I’m a woman, I rap. I wear what I am proudly, and I represent it loudly.”

Denise has made a name for herself around Ireland and internationally, performing at many music festivals including Electric Picnic (Other Voices, Little Big Tent), Body & Soul, Decolonising Sexuality Festival, and Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival. Her unique take on rap and spoken word has firmly established her as one of the most important voices in Ireland.

Listen to her here

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