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Doras Luimni Funding Application Approved

Doras Luimni Funding Application Approved. Pictured: Ahmed Hassan Mohamed, Leonie Kerins director of Doras Luimni and Brian Vandamme. Photo: Katie Glavin/ilovelimerick

Doras Luimni Funding Application Approved

Doras Luimni, a local human rights organisation based in O’Connell street Limerick, has this year announced their receipt of €234,245 funding from the Department of Justice, through the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. This funding is was received through a competitive and rigorous application process and is delegated for the integration of migrants in European countries.

Doras Luimni Funding

Doras Luimni Finding Application Approved. Pictured: Back row: Monika Fallon, Ahmed Hassan Mohamed, Brian Vandamme. Front row: Raymond Muwaniri, Rachel Bermingham, Leonie Kerins, Fiona McCaul. Photo: Katie Glavin/ilovelimerick



Leonie Kerins, director at Doras Luimni, spoke about the Doras Luimni funding and how it will help the organisation, “We were delighted to be successful in an application for the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund”

“it was a very competitive process and we are delighted to have secured it” she added.

Leonie continued to say “Our application scored really highly and we received the full amount that we applied for and it’s mostly to cover our direct support regarding advice and information service that we provide to a little over a thousand migrants a year from our offices in Limerick”

Doras Luimni, who have dealt with 1,200 clients annually for the last 4-5 years, is a one of a kind organisation that benefits not only migrants but Limerick as a whole. Doras Luimni provides one-on-one support and integrating the Limerick population through providing support and advice.

A lot of Doras Luimi’s work is surrounding securing people’s immigration status but they are also operating on a number of other projects such as work with residents of the city centre such as the Dock Road and Kenneth where a lot of the residents are migrants who are not engaged with the services within the city.

Leonie commented on this project stating “We have a full-time worker based there who is connecting residents of that area to our services and other services around the city centre”.

Since opening its doors in 2005, Doras Luimni has helped to create the vibrant community that is Limerick. With a number of new projects and continuing with existing ones, Doras Luimni will continue its work in integrating Limerick and building a stronger and more positive community.

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