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From Venus to Nameless From Venus to Nameless


Theatre Piece From Venus to Nameless is on show at Belltable for Polish Arts Festival

From Venus to Nameless is on show at Belltable for Polish Arts Festival. Pictured are Katie O’Kelly, Displace, Justyna Cwojdzinska, performer of Nameless, Cllr James  Collins,  Mayor of the City and County of Limerick with Marketa Dowling, Belltable Programme Manager and  Elaine O’Dwyer Garrison, Queen of Technicolor.

Theatre Piece From Venus to Nameless is on show at Belltable for Polish Arts Festival

Polish Arts Festival presents Performance Night of Contemporary Dance, Music and Theatre at Belltable. It is a celebration of theatre and performance and is happening in it’s most organic form.

One of the highlights is the play From Venus to Nameless, performed by Venus Dance Project Dancers, with Barbara Leszczyńska, Asia Morska, Marlena Szyszka, Anna Hurkowska, Dagmara Katulska, Teresa Wernik-Skalska, Ewa Kotula, Aleksandra Styka, Dora Gola, Justyna Cwojdzińska and Polish Improvisation Group Dublin.

Directed by Yola Wesolowska and performed by Justyna Cwojdzińska, the play From Venus to Nameless is an outstanding piece in Polish Arts Festival 2018.

“Theatre piece From Venus to Nameless is a statement about the possibility of crossing the boundaries of understanding and comprehending the essence of participating in the ritual of life. The power of Shakespeare’s word is interrupted by a simple and painful commandment to adapt to the conditions here and now. Despite the efforts, the smell disappears and helplessness remains. ” said Justyna Cwojdzińska, the main performer of the show.

Nameless is kept in a mental health institution without her consent. She needs to obey the painful rules and try to adapt, fit it. Through the female characters from Shakespeare’s plays, she is able to go through everything that she emotionally experienced in her life, from naive Juliet, through deceived Desdemona, to poor Ophelia, finally turning into the queen of elves Titania. Only then she is free. Only then she is allowed to be herself.  Will she find the way out? Will she be released? All of the mysteries are left to the audience to find out through their minds and the emotions delivered by performers on the stage.

From the Venus to Nameless features a live music performance by Stan Michalak (Contrabass) with lighting by Sylwia Wierbicka and costume by Barbara Nabialek.

Apart from the theatre piece Nameless, There will be other Polish artists taking part in the night as well for the celebration.

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