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The Next Big Test for I SPY Clothing’s Young Entrepreneur

The Next Big Test for I SPY Clothing’s Young Entrepreneur

Being a young entrepreneur in Ireland comes with many tests and challenges and I SPY Clothing’s co-founder Louise Egan knows all about this!

On the 7th of June, I SPY Clothing’s busy young entrepreneur and 6th-year Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh student will face the biggest test of her school-life, the Leaving Certificate!  Over the past year, Louise has been working around the clock to balance her family life, business life, sports-life and of course, school-life.

As we all know and have experienced, the Leaving Certificate brings about high levels of stress and panic as the race for points and college places heats up. However, Louise has experienced added pressure as she has worked hard all year to stay on top of her studies and ensure the growth of her I SPY yoga clothing brand with her mother, Paulette Egan.


As the dreaded date of the Leaving Certificate gets closer and closer you would think that Louise would apply the brakes on her busy business life and focus solely on her school-life. However, Louise’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t allow her to take a break! Louise and her mother Paulette noticed that as the Leaving Cert draws nearer, students were beginning to over-panic and put increased pressure on themselves. Louise and Paulette believed this was not good for student’s mental health and it could have a negative effect on their exam results as they would not be the correct frame of mind to sit their exams.

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The Next Big Test for I SPY Clothing’s Young Entrepreneur

This was when I SPY Clothing’s mother and daughter team of Louise and Paulette decided to come up with a solution to solve student’s Leaving Cert stress. With Paulette’s 15 years’ experience as a yoga teacher, the pair decided to introduce yoga to Louise’s 6th year Leaving Certificate class in Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh. Paulette arrived at Louise’s school and brought the class to a quiet space to practice yoga. She showed them the benefits of how yoga can reduce stress and help them to stay calm throughout their exams. Paulette and Louise received a hugely positive response from the 6th year class. This has encouraged Paulette and Louise to launch the I SPY Success Campaign so that all Irish Leaving Certificate students can benefit from the stress-relieving qualities of yoga.

With only a few weeks left until the Leaving Certificate commences, the I SPY Success Campaign will see Paulette and Louise post short, daily videos on their I SPY Clothing Facebook page to show Leaving Certificate students how to reduce stress and stay calm through yoga. Throughout the campaign, the short, daily videos will demonstrate how students can remain calm and focused during an exam through breathing techniques and how to prevent hand-cramp during an exam.

I SPY Clothing founders believe that these videos are essential to ensure that all 6th-year students enter the exams fully focused and stress-free. By practising yoga techniques for a few minutes every day, students will be able to stay positive and improve their exam performance. The I SPY Success Campaign has been launched for the sole purpose of benefiting students. Both Louise and Paulette have stated that it is vital that businesses utilise their skills and resources to benefit their community and country. Since the launch for the I SPY Success Campaign on 20th of May, the founders of I SPY Clothing have received a massive response. Louise and Paulette hope that all Leaving Certificate students see their videos and gain from them. The mission of I SPY Clothing’s campaign is to reduce stress so that students ensure success!

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