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PHOTOS: Julie Normoyle honoured with Mayoral Reception in Council Chambers

Julie Normoyle pictured with Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Limerick, Sean Lynch at her Mayoral Reception last Friday, January 26. Picture: Sophie Goodwin / ILoveLimerick.

Julie Normoyle honoured with Mayoral Reception in Council Chambers

By ILoveLimerick correspondent Eimear Kelly.

Last Friday evening, January 26, a Mayoral Reception was held in honour of Julie Normoyle to acknowledge all of the excellent work she does for those with disabilities and disabling conditions, as well as the wider community. The reception was held in the Council Chambers by Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Limerick, Sean Lynch.




The event began with a minute’s silence for the late and talented Dolores O Riordan, who Mayor Sean Lynch compared Julie to by saying that they are both ‘very warm and very selfless’ when he spoke to ILoveLimerick.  He then went on to describe Julie as an amazing and lovable person and told us that ‘it’s only right that the people of the city recognise her for the great contributions she’s making by providing all those safe crossings for people with disabilities and disabling conditions, and for the wider community’.

Julie has been with the Daughters of Charity organisation since 2001, where she has continually been involved with people who have disabilities and disabling conditions, as well as having a very substantial part to play in many road safety initiatives. One example of Julie’s admirable hard work and dedication is her success in getting a pedestrian crossing placed outside a service on John Street, to ensure the safety and independence of her co-workers.

As well as this, Julie had a big part to play in getting a getting a pedestrian crossing aided by lights, near People’s Park on Upper Mallow Street. In doing this, she benefited her Tait business Centre co-workers by allowing them to use facilities in the local community. Also, just before Christmas, she distributed high visibility jackets and armbands to her co-workers and other staff members.

At the moment, Julie is involved in trying to get yet another pedestrian crossing put in place outside Gleeson’s shop situated on Catherine Street.

John Callaghan, from Daughters of Charity, considered it a privilege to attend Julie’s Mayoral Reception and described Julie as the ‘greatest champion in our service, by a long way’, and thanked her for her tireless work.

In her acceptance speech, Julie thanked her family for all they have done for her, as well as John Callaghan, Donal Sherlock, her supervisor Lorraine and Mayor Sean Lynch. She finished her speech by stating that ‘more children should wear reflectors, because it’s safer for them’, and that their parents should too.

Music was provided throughout the event by the talented Brian Finn, who played songs by some of Julie’s favourite musicians including Aslan, Tina Turner and Bryan Adams, which resulted in a heart-warming sing-a-long involving all who were present. Brian also played ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries as a tribute to Dolores O Riordan, following the minutes’ silence at the beginning of the reception.

Mayor Sean Lynch ended the Mayoral reception by saying that ‘if the world had more people like Julie, it would be a far better place’. He also expressed how proud he was of Julie and how grateful he was for all of her hard work, determination and generosity.

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