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Lee James wins Lee James wins


Lee James wins Dance Freedom Producer of the Year 2020

Lee James wins – Lee James pictured above has won Dance Freedom Producer of the Year 2020

Lee James wins Dance Freedom Producer of the Year 2020

By I Love Limerick correspondent Mary Caroline McCarthy

Lee James has been announced as the winner of Producer of the Year 2020 by UK Radio Show, Dance Freedom.


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Lee James is a sixteen-year-old DJ and music producer from Limerick City.  The Limerick teen is a third-year student at St. Clements College, he discovered his talent and passion for music production at a young age. Lee is fascinated by music and has made himself a name within the music community of Limerick and it is just the beginning for him.

The UK Radio Show called Dance Freedom is hosted by Henry Wright. This radio show holds a competition every year to find the Producer of the Year. This is calculated by which producer had their tracks played on the station and who has progressed the most within the year.

Lee signed his first record deal in 2019 with Open House Records on his debut single ‘Giving Up on Love’. He has recently signed a record deal with BLINDsided Records, home to John Gibbons, Martin Guilfoyle, and many more with his track ‘Do You Feel What I’m Feeling’.

He started producing at the age of thirteen, and over the past two years, the Limerick-based producer has made huge ground within the music scene in Limerick and all over the world. Lee works with people from different countries making songs together, most recently he teamed up with Libby Sunter, a singer, songwriter from Liverpool on the song ‘Waiting for Tonight’. 

This is an amazing achievement by the young musician, and it is great that his talents are being recognised not only in Limerick but in England too. This award is proof of the talent that this young man has, he is everything that the Limerick music scene embodies, and it is fantastic that the diverse music scene of Limerick is being recognised within this young man.

Lee is very thankful for the award, saying, “It was hard to believe that I was nominated to the finals alongside big names like Alex Hobson, who is signed with SONY Music, Robin Taygor, and JustRob. To say that I’ve won the award is absolutely mindblowing! I am delighted to say that I can now call myself an award-winning music producer! To celebrate this, I will be launching my own website very soon, where I will be offering courses to teach people how they can produce their own music!”


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