Limerick’s Gateway to Education is giving back to the community for the Christmas season

LGTE Christmas

LGTE Christmas display is now on. Pictured are Michelle and Joe Cowhey, Sumsolve Marketing with Suzanne Roche, LGTE CEO & Founder and Ian Mills, Shop Manager in front of the handmade gingerbread house in the shop. Picture: Baoyan Zhang/ilovelimerick

Limericks Gateway to Education is giving back to the community for the Christmas season

by ilovelimerick correspondent Baoyan Zhang

Limerick Gateway to Education on Wickham Street is launching their handmade crafts display for the Christmas season in an effort to give back to the community and invite people to their shop and promote the festive spirit.

The LGTE Christmas display is an annual event for the Gateway to Education which is used as a promotion to also increase sales and donations, and remind people to buy local from the charity shops in order to keep their services supported.

This year, there is a gingerbread house at the side of the storeroom and the front window is also decorated with a colourful painting for the LGTE Christmas celebrations. These festive vibes and stunning creations are created by their staff Joe Cowhey and his wife Michelle Cowhey.

CEO and founder of Limerick’s Gateway to Education, Susanne Roche said: “We are fortunate enough to have Joe and Michelle to make the gingerbread house here and the window display.”

Ian Mills, the shop manager at the Gateway to Education storeroom said: “We have received a lot of support and donations from our customers and it is the time to give it back to the community. We are grateful that people are helping and we hope to get more.”

Limerick’s Gateway to Education have increased their operations and this comes at a cost. The storeroom at The Tait Business Centre on Dominic Street supports the right to equal opportunities for those that have difficulties or are disadvantaged. 

Founded by Suzanne in 2012, Limerick’s Gateway to Education is a registered educational support charity aiming to make education more affordable for Limerick families by selling the second-hand school books and uniforms at reduced prices.

Since April 2012, they have helped over 9,000 Limerick families send their children to school and the number is hopefully to increase.

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