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Limerick Breaking The Mould At Gardens International

Pictured, left to right, are Nathan Tenzer, Edwards Lifesciences, Caroline Currid, Sports Psychologist and Limerick advocate John Moran at ‘Breaking the Mould’ supported by Mazars, Collins McNicholas and Sellors at Gardens International. Picture: Oisin McHugh True Media.

Limerick Breaking The Mould At Gardens International

A collection of Limerick’s business community came together at Gardens International for a special evening of a frank panel discussion and chat, designed to empower the city of Limerick and its business people. 

In its second year, ‘Breaking the Mould’ is the brainchild three Limerick business players, Mazars, Collins McNicholas and Sellors, who together are looking to inspire Limerick’s business community to work together in the promotion of Limerick as a city and also celebrate the successes and how Limerick has and continues to break the mould.  


The panel was moderated by former Secretary General at the Department of Finance, CEO of the social entrepreneurship and strategic leadership entity, RHH and overall Limerick advocate John Moran who shared his vision for Limerick, introducing two panellists including Nathan Tenzer of Edwards Lifesciences and Sports Psychologist, Caroline Currid.

‘Breaking the Mould’ is set to inspire and empower the local business community as a whole, to work together for the overall better of Limerick.  Mazars, Collins McNicholas and Sellors are young companies keen to see Limerick continue to thrive. According to David Fitzgibbon of Collins McNicholas, their decision to open a Limerick office was based on the huge potential of the city.  

The evening was moderated by former Secretary General at the Department of Finance, CEO of the social entrepreneurship and strategic leadership entity, RHH and overall Limerick advocate John Moran who shared his vision for Limerick, as well as panellists Nathan Tenzer of Edwards Lifesciences and Sports Psychologist, Caroline Currid.
Picture: Oisin McHugh True Media.

Only in the past week Limerick has benefited from some major announcements including that Edwards Lifesciences is to double their investment in their Limerick plant to €160 million creating 600 jobs; international financial services company Fundrock is to create 45 jobs to staff its Limerick office; and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care announced 100 new jobs as part of their growth plan. 

John Moran kicked off the conversation with his vision for Limerick claiming growth for the sake of growth is not the way to go.  John claims, “Growth for Limerick needs to be strategically thought and planned to bring a better quality of living for all who share this city.  Attracting international business is key, however, we need to carefully manage our city, its space, its culture … to grow all effectively to the benefit of all. 

The basics such as services including infrastructure and public transport are just the beginning.  Bringing the best out of our medieval and Georgian history visually will present a visual city steeped in character.  The arts are integral to Limerick’s success and key to completing the equation to create a vibrantly and diverse city for the future, for example, if you look at what Galway has achieved by bringing the arts to the fore as a driver for the city, marketing the city as an experience – It’s just incredible.”

Two years ago Edwards Lifesciences began its search for a city to build its latest plant.  Edwards chose Limerick … with Limerick coming out top of the list versus Dublin, Cork and Galway.  Now living in Limerick over one year, Nathan Tenzer is of a strong belief that Limerick is on the cusp of something great … very great.  

According to Nathan, “When it came to choosing an Irish city to locate to, Limerick came out leaps and bounds ahead of others – As a city, it had everything going for it.  The combination of infrastructure, talent pool, location, education facilities, accessibility to housing are all key factors that go in Limerick’s favour and I assure you we were very picky!  Indeed all these elements work as one big marketing tool creating gravity through which Limerick can attract the very best of internationals.  Previously I’d been involved in three plant scale-ups in the States – none have gotten such a fast start as Limerick.  As a relocation city for employees and their families, Limerick excelled.”

Nathan claims that Limerick potential is about to reach boiling point, “Limerick really is on the cusp of something great, the market is definitely heating up, simmering and my gut is that it’s about to reach boiling point … It’s up to Limerick’s people and the business community to keep the eye on the prize.  In essence, the calibre of the people has been outstanding – we’ve been supremely impressed.”

Caroline Currid, famous for her work with some of Ireland’s leading sports teams and personalities including Limerick’s hurling, equipped the 150 attending by sharing on some of the fundamentals that lead to success.  Caroline claims, “Whether it be personally or professionally, the natural instinct is not to take a step back to look at our own personal performance, direction and achievements. Taking a moment out of life to create your own game plan for success on a day to day level and for long-term professional development will only work to enhance your skillset, keep you focused and fulfil you professionally.  It’s all within you … It’s a win-win approach.”

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Richard is a presenter, producer, songwriter and actor. He was named the Limerick Person of the Year (2011) and won an online award at the Metro Éireann Media and Multicultural Awards (2011) for promoting multi-culturalism online. Richard says that the concept is very much a community driven project that aims to document life in Limerick. So, that in 20 years time people can look back and remember the events that were making the headlines.