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Limerick Milk Market remains open – Limerick Milk Market pictured above remains open to support small food producers
Limerick Milk Market remains open as locals asked to support small food producers

Dear Customers and Friends
The Milk Market will open this Saturday as a Farmers Market as always in a safe, outdoor/open…

Posted by LimerickMilkMarket on Wednesday, October 7, 2020


The Limerick Milk Market remains open as normal this Saturday, and throughout the level 3 restrictions period.
The Milk Market traders have urged the people of Limerick to support small food producers and traders with a Saturday visit to the Milk Market courtyard, which remains open for business this weekend and throughout the Level Three restrictions period.
The historic Milk Market interior courtyard reopened in late May with a revised layout after the initial lockdown period and its operations will not be affected by the Level Three restrictions which came into effect this week.
Milk Market General Manager, David Fitzgerald, said: “As an outdoor venue we can continue to operate in a very safe, open air and regulated environment on Saturdays, with a one-way system from entry gate at Cornmarket Row to exit at Watergate and we are urging the people of Limerick to continue to support your local farmers market traders who have worked so hard to produce and bring the freshest local produce to your doorstep in the heart of Limerick.
“We are fully compliant with all the safety regulations. The Saturday visit to the Milk Market is a Limerick tradition enjoyed by all, and we really appreciate the support of the public to date and would encourage them to consider a visit this weekend to support our stall holders in what has obviously been a very challenging time for everybody.
“In common with other essential food suppliers we have had to adapt to the new challenges presented by Covid-19 in recent months and continue to have the health and safety of our customers, traders and staff as our top priority.
“We have been operating safely having altered the lay-out of our stalls, increased sanitisation, perspex screens, physical distancing measures and reduced capacity for all stalls in the Milk Market courtyard. We are fully compliant with all Government and HSE protocols thanks to the range of protective measures that have been put in place.
“We know businesses and people all over Limerick are coming together to overcome the challenges presented by Covid-19 and we ask the people of Limerick to view their regular Saturday morning visit to the Milk Market as one great tradition that they can still observe and enjoy in a safe and controlled manner,” Mr Fitzgerald said.
“All of our stallholders and staff have undertaken additional training and implemented extra Covid-related protocols, so the message we want to get out there is that we are an outdoor market which is open for business, safe and a vital outlet for local food suppliers and small businesses.
“We are particularly conscious of giving added protection to the elderly and the vulnerable, so we would advise vulnerable customers that the market is quietest between 8am and 10am Saturdays.
“The Market is busiest on Saturday between 10am and 12.30pm, and becomes less busy again between 1pm and close of business at 3pm. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our traders and staff for their hard work and dedication and to the customers and supporters of the weekly market,” Mr Fitzgerald added.
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