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LIT Conferring Ceremony 2019 LIT Conferring Ceremony 2019


LIT Conferring Ceremony 2019 welcomes life as a Technological University

Pictured at the conferring Ceremony were B.Sc (Hons) in Interactive Digital Media graduates, back row left to right, Gavin O’Regan, Kilmurry Co. Clare, Marks Pavlovskis, Limerick, Vincent O’Dea, Cranny Co. Clare and John Bowman, Co. Limerick, front row left to right, Olivia McNeely, Knockmpre Co. Mayo and Chloe Flynn, Co. Limerick. Photo by Alan Place LIT Conferring Ceremony 2019 

LIT Conferring Ceremony 2019 welcomes life as a Technological University

The experiences, benefits and internationally recognised qualifications obtained by the LIT class of 2019 will be opened up to even more students in the future, as the Institute of Technology embarks on the road to a Technological University with consortium partners, Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT).

That was the message to the new graduates during the opening speeches at the LIT Conferring Ceremony 2019 held in the Moylish Campus, Millennium Theatre.


Professor Vincent Cunnane, President of LIT, said, “As a technological university, I believe that we can bring our values and our approach to even more people so that the benefit of what we do can be felt as widely as possible in the society of the future.

“Our history is one of inclusion, and of providing access to higher education to all those who would benefit from it. That is what the Limerick Athenaeum was about. That is what the Red Tech, COACT and Limerick RTC were about. That is what LIT is about, and that is what our Technological University will be about,” he added.

LIT Conferring Ceremony 2019

Pictured at the conferring Ceremony were, Dr. Jack Hassett, Thurles Co. Tipperary who conferred with a PhD, for his Thesis titled ‘Genetic Analysis of the Irish Honeybee’, and his supervisors, Dr. Elizabeth Moore and Dr. Michael Geary. Photo by Alan Place

Tony Brazil, Chair-Designate of LIT’s Governing Body, said, “We will continue our commitment to our students just as we have always done. After all, our sector has always been the one to provide the most access to Higher Education, and government policy now provides us with the direction to pursue this further.

Up to 1,500 students will graduate from LIT’s five campuses, during nine special ceremonies over five days as part of the LIT Conferring Ceremony 2019, with many of these graduates already in employment in the Mid West region.

More than 94% of last year’s graduates across disciplines as diverse as STEM, social sciences, fashion, art, law, business, hospitality and the culinary arts took up employment or further education almost immediately.

Paying tribute to the 2019 LIT Student of the Year, Danny Nash, Professor Cunnane said the Level 8 Engineering Graduate, who obtained the highest grades from LIT across all disciplines and campuses this year, embodies the core values that LIT plans on making the cornerstone of a new technological university.

Professor Cunnane said, “We recognise Danny not just for his results – which are exceptional – but also for his journey, which articulates our values and mirrors what we have always, and will always, stand for. 

“Three years ago however Danny decided he wanted to be an Analog engineer. This meant he needed a Level 8 in Engineering. And so industry, in the form of Analog, and LIT worked together once again, this time to ensure Danny accessed the education he required.


“I am delighted to recognise Danny. People count here at LIT, and that adds up to people realising their potential. People like you, people like Danny, you all count here,” he told the 2019 Graduates at the LIT Conferring Ceremony 2019.

“We don’t judge you on how you arrive, we judge you today, as you cross this threshold from student to alumnus,” he added. 

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