LSAD Summer Camp by Inspireireland for kids July 2016

LSAD Summer Camp

LSAD Summer Camp for kids this July 2016-

Inspireland’s Summer Camps will bring together some of Ireland’s most talented, internationally renowned artists to mentor and nurture the creativity of children and teens aged 8 to 16 in what promises to be one of the most magical and creative experiences of their lives.

Mentors will include an award winning HBO, MTV & VH1 writer, producer and director who has worked on Entourage, Sesame St and on Eddie Izzard’s ‘Circles’ DVD, as well an award winning, critically acclaimed poet and a local Limerick Artist.

Participants will go on a journey oft creativity, creating works art and storytelling through shadow puppetry, illustration, stencil, comic art, drama, print, poetry and craft art book making. Participants will create pieces of art that they will want to keep on display forever.

Inspireland are Ireland’s leading providers of secondary school poetry slam workshops for teenagers of all abilities. This year we are especially excited to introduce our Summer Camps in Limerick and Doolin, Co. Clare for talented youngsters aged 8 to 18.

Every year InspireIreland deliver creative writing and poetry slam workshops to over 6,000 students throughout Ireland. What Inspireireland bring into classrooms and our summer camps is what builds the bridge between the creative spark and the incredible dream.
Inspireireland are fuelling the fires of youthful creativity like no one else before. They are helping to build great castles in the kingdoms of their imaginations. Kingdoms that will shimmer, enshrined in their memories forever.

These week-long boutique summer camps will take place in the Limerick School of Art & Design during the first two weeks of July, and in Hotel Doolin, Co. Clare during the third week of July. Each camp runs for 3 hours per day – 10.30am to 1.30pmMonday to Friday.

For more information about these summer camps you can email [email protected]
You can also visit Inspireireland website for even more information about the organisation
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