Paul O Connell Book Signing at O Mahonys Bookshop

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Paul O Connell Book Signing at O Mahonys Bookshop.

Paul O Connell will be signing his book The Battle on Sunday, October 9 at 2pm in O’Mahony’s Bookstore on O’Connell Street. The public is invited to meet Paul O Connell and get a copy of the legendary athlete’s autobiography signed on the day.

As the heartbeat of Munster, British and Irish Lions captain in 2009, and captain of the first Ireland team to retain the Six Nations championship, Paul O Connell became the most beloved and respected of the golden generation of Irish rugby players – and was widely regarded as one of the very best players in the world.

There was nothing inevitable – or even likely – about any of this, and in an autobiography as intense and thoughtful as its author, O’Connell explores the forces and struggles that turned him into the player and leader that he became. The Battle is a book for everyone who wants to understand the roots of achievement and the inner world of an elite sportsman. It will take its place alongside the very finest sports books of recent years.

“I remember sitting alongside him in the front seat of his car as we drove home, thinking: I’m someone who wins things. If Dad thinks I’m good, then I must be.
It’s strange, the way things said decades ago stick in your head, the way a few words you hear as an impressionable child can stay with you for the rest of your life. . .”

There has never been a rugby player quite like Paul O Connell. His name is synonymous with passion, heart and determination. But he is also the thinking man’s rugby player, a legendary student of the game.

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