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Limerick vintage clothing shop launches new website to remarkable success

Spice Vintage Limerick launched a brand new website for purchasing clothing. Pictured above is Spice’s owner, Gracie Collier. Picture: Julie O Reilly

Limerick vintage clothing shop launches new website to remarkable success

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Colin Ryan

Limerick-based vintage clothing shop ‘Spice Vintage Limerick’ launched a brand new website for purchasing clothing on May 15 and managed to sell every item within 30 minutes of launch. The new online shop was launched at approximately 6 pm and was announced earlier in the day through the shop’s Instagram account. Spice’s owner, Gracie Collier (originally from Co. Laois), uploaded a follow-up post to the account where she thanked the customers for the amazing success. The list of items sold on the site included vintage denim jackets, bomber jackets, fleeces, sweaters, shorts, and jeans among other vintage wear, and included brands such as Nike, Harley Davidson, and Disney. Spice initially moved into its Harvey’s Quay address on March 16, 2018, and has since grown to be a popular retailer within the city.


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In the announcement post of the launch, Gracie mentions how she made the decision to launch the site because of how her previous sales model of advertising clothing through Instagram stories was neither sustainable nor entirely customer friendly. “This website has been a long time coming and I realised after my last Instagram Story Sale that selling via d.m was not sustainable for me or you guys anymore” she says. “I was left with customers feeling deflated at not being quick enough to nab something from the story so I had to do something to rise to the demand otherwise what kinda businesswoman would I be?”

Spice Vintage Limerick

Spice Vintage has grown to be a popular retailer within the city.

When reached for comment regarding the success, Gracie said “when I closed my doors 2 months ago I saw it as an opportunity and not as a negative. I decided to nurture my Instagram following by making access to spice vintage clothing even more accessible. A website was the only option and I was excited about learning to build one. I needed something simple, just a buying platform for my customers. I launched it last Friday and I still cannot believe it sold out in half an hour! I am very grateful to my Spice flowers/customers. Very loyal customers!”

This incredible success is a welcome bit of positivity during the current Covid-19 crisis, as the pandemic has affected all areas of life in a way that has never been experienced by our current society. Due to the lockdown, many independent businesses are suffering greatly, and are relying on the loyalty of their customers to stay open. Landmark businesses that contribute greatly to Limerick city’s culture such as ‘Lucky Lane’ have started selling vouchers online for use after the lockdown, and Limerick-based artists from ‘Made in Limerick’ have encouraged people to try and keep local businesses afloat to the best of their ability. If you get the chance, please consider shopping at these independent businesses so that they can keep their places within Limerick city’s unique business community. Let’s hope that Spice and every other business continue to thrive in the future.

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