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Liz Roche Company presents THE HERE TRIO at Dance Limerick, Thursday, October 29

THE HERE TRIO, a live, captivating, cross-border collaboration dance show now opens at Dance Limerick on October 29.

Liz Roche Company presents THE HERE TRIO at Dance Limerick, Thursday, October 29





Following a successful premiere at The Mac, Belfast, last February, and just one week after Brexit, THE HERE TRIO started as a cross-border collaboration with Maiden Voyage Dance (Belfast) and Liz Roche Company (Dublin). Performed as part of a programme of work around Boundaries and Belonging, THE HERE TRIO challenges preconceived ideas about the right to belong in a place and reflects on our fleeting existence in the rapidly changing environments we inhabit. This live captivating dance show now opens at Dance Limerick on October 29 (however due to the recent government restrictions the company had to cancel their live performance for Tipperary Dance Platform at The Source Arts Centre, Thurles, Co Tipperary on October 10 as part of this recent tour).


With Brexit prevalent again this newly worked dance piece is a commentary on what was before the Covid pandemic where the dancers’ movements in the piece convey bodies that are slightly ‘out-side’ of themselves, agitated and driven, even stressed. Voices are independent from their speakers, images fracture and reform, and the senses are stuck in over-exaggerated comparisons. Time doesn’t flow, but hiccups along, with memories and imagined histories erupting throughout. The piece is made in close collaboration with videographer and sound designer Luca Truffarelli and with lighting designer Stephen Dodd and composer Bryan O’Connell.



For this upcoming performance at Dance Limerick in October, THE HERE TRIO will be reworked from its original iteration earlier this year taking into consideration social distancing restrictions

For this upcoming performance at Dance Limerick in October, THE HERE TRIO will be reworked from its original iteration earlier this year taking into consideration social distancing restrictions and the new environment and conditions for live performance due to the Covid pandemic. The piece will move between the original and the new live performance with an increased emphasis on film throughout. This creates new resonances with the idea of what it means to be “here”, especially now as we navigate this turbulent moment of change in our lives.”


On making this work in Belfast, Roche says “It’s never easy to comment on a political situation especially when you are not at the centre point of that experience – you question your right to be there and your permission as a creative artist to have an opinion, and yet there is an empathy and an affect that you have felt for as long as you can remember that needs further investigation and expression, and so it becomes important to try”.


Nicola Curry Artistic Director of Maiden Voyage says, “We are delighted to be collaborating with Liz Roche Company to bring a timely work on boundaries and belonging to the stage with a combined all-island creative team…. The politics of place impact us all in myriad ways but it is often forgotten that the body is our first home. This work brings the intelligence of the body that houses and holds our past and present experiences to the fore to address often overwhelming issues of where we feel we belong and how we survive when things are beyond our control.”


This piece originated with a commission offer from Maiden Voyage to Liz Roche Company last year that kick-started thoughts on the current political situation on the island of Ireland in relation to Brexit. Roche found herself really interested in making a new work that dealt with the strange mix of emotions raised by this circumstance. Realising that even as an outsider as such, that the memory of a more difficult time was not that distant and the fear of a return to conflict is palpable.


At least that was the energy Roche took into the studio for this work, but came at it from a different angle – one that looked at how belief is formed and how the overwhelming information of our life experiences dictate outcomes. The process then took a turn towards the senses and how they differentiate and compare for us. In a grounded way, they let us know that we are “here” but they are also easily corruptible; due to stress or a traumatic experience they can overreact and the emotional and physical response that ensues can exaggerate out of control. It is within this stressful atmosphere that the piece searches for quiet and focus, though it is not always easy to find it.


THE HERE TRIO strives to bring us back into the moment – to a place where scars, real or imagined, no longer determine our every outcome.


THE HERE TRIO is a recipient of support from the RTÉ Supporting the Arts Programme for our performance Dance Limerick.




Live – Ryan O’Neill / Lucia Kickham / Justine Cooper


Film – Ryan O’Neill / Sarah Cerneaux / Glὸria Ros Abellana




Choreography by Liz Roche


Lighting by Stephen Dodd


Original Music and drum recordings by Bryan O’Connell


Sound Design & Visuals by Luca Truffarelli

Set and costume design by Liz Roche

Drum samples by kind permission of Jeremy Davis


Set build by Theatre Production Services




LIZ ROCHE COMPANY is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary dance companies. With a reputation for its finely wrought and beautifully crafted choreographic style, the Dublin based company presents the works of choreographer Liz Roche in collaboration with artists, dancers and designers of the highest calibre. An artistically distinctive and ambitious arts organisation, the company has produced over twenty original productions, touring throughout Ireland and further afield in the UK, Germany, France, USA, Australia and China, most notably being presented at the Baryshnikov Arts Centre and Judson Memorial Church in New York, the South Bank Centre, London and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Le Centre Culturel Irlandais, The Irish Arts Festival Beijing and Brisbane Powerhouse.


Recent achievements include: I/Thou for Cork Opera House, Sirius Arts Centre and DDF 2019, Naher… closer, nearer, sooner for the Goethe-Institut, Totems for National Gallery of Ireland, Embodied for DDF and An Post/GPO and Bastard Amber for the Abbey Theatre, DDF15 and Kilkenny Arts Festival; the first commission of its kind for an Irish contemporary dance company. Residencies and partnerships include: IntraSpaces, a new creative partnership with the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at UL Company-in-residence at Dublin Dance Festival 2017–19 and The Civic Theatre. Liz Roche Company is strategically funded by The Arts Council of Ireland and supported by Dublin City Council.




DANCE LIMERICK, Limerick City Thursday 29 October | 7.30pm | €14 / €14




*Approximate duration is 60 minutes

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