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Troy Studios Expansion Troy Studios Expansion


Troy Studios expansion plans to bring major film productions to Limerick 

Troy Studios expansion – Troy Studios which is based in Castletroy, Limerick is set to further expand its studio to hold more productions on site.

Troy Studios expansion plans to bring major film productions to Limerick 

Troy Studios located in the old Dell factory in Castetroy have plans for an expansion which would let the studio have the capacity for two productions to take place at the same time.

The studio which is set to turn a profit this year since winning the contract for the NBC show ‘Nightflyers’, based on the novella by George RR Martin, author of the Game of Thrones books.

The Troy Studios expansion plans also include the demolition of the existing roof, constructing a new roof at a higher level and the creation of three new workshops.

Mayor James Collins, a board member of Innovate Limerick, the council offshoot which purchased the facility and leased it to Troy Studios for film production told the Limerick Leader, “At the moment, Troy are using just half of the building they have. But they want to be one of the biggest and best studios in Europe. This is the first part of this.”

The studio needs to have a 50-foot roof as they need the height and depth for the use of green screens for movie productions.

This announcement follows the recent news that Troy Studios will benefit from a €200 million film action plan which is set to double the studios’ workforce and attract high budget film productions to the location in the next five years.

Post-production is taking place at Troy studios at the moment and Mayor Collins said Innovate Limerick is looking to do this at their Engine Room on Cecil Street. They are looking to build a post-production facility so people can be trained up in post-production and primarily in sound.

Troy Studios already boasts a massive 350,000 square feet under one roof. It is the largest film production studio in Ireland and with a tall ceiling of 15 meters makes Troy Studios even more attractive to production companies around the globe as seen with the ‘Nightflyers’, series.

The production had a budget of €53 million and had an average of 320 workers on set every day with 91% of the total workers being Irish. The project is expected to create up to €70m for the local economy.

‘Nightflyers’, was filmed exclusively in Limerick and is set to air on NBC in the USA and on Netflix for the rest of the world in the coming autumn.


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