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Second Breathe with Bea book – Beas Rumble Jungle is out now



Beas Rumble Jungle – This is the second book in the Breathe with Bea series by Claire Keating and Sineád Dore

Second Breathe with Bea book – Beas Rumble Jungle is out now

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Ann Mc Donald

beas rumble jungle

In the book, Bea shows her buddies Slinky, Magoo and Lenny how to use affirmations, positive self- talk and gratitude, as well as how to spread kindness.

Bea is back in second Breathe with Bea book, “Beas Rumble Jungle.”

This is the second book in the ‘Breathe with Bea’ series and focuses on kindness and dealing with anger.

Authors of the series, Limerick teachers Claire Keating and Sineád Dore said that in this book, “Bea shows her buddies Slinky, Magoo and Lenny how to use affirmations, positive self- talk and gratitude, as well as how to spread kindness.”

The rhyming story, language and repetition alongside the engaging illustrations help reinforce the key message of the book, as well as develop young children’s emotional literacy.

The main character of Bea shows young children how to be a good friend and how to be kind. She is warm-hearted, considerate, sympathetic, caring and respectful, and shows her friends how to spread kindness.

Like the first book in the series, ‘Bea’s Ocean Commotion,’ ‘Bea’s Rumble Jungle’ includes a pack of four ‘Mindful with Bea’ cards, which are designed to help children practice gratitude and how to use their breath as a tool to relax, calm and focus.

The ‘Breathe with Bea’ series aims to teach children the very important message that all feelings are okay, that there are no bad or wrong feelings.

Children can feel overwhelmed by big emotions because they don’t understand that emotions and feelings are temporary. The series was designed to teach children that feelings are like visitors – they will come, but they will go too.

Being able to recognise these feelings in your body, naming them and learning strategies to cope with them are key features in this series.

Claire and Sinéad are primary school teachers and have created free lesson plans, worksheets and activities on their website based on each of the scenarios in their books, which reinforces the key message of their books and a fun and visual way as they, “know that children learn best when they are active and engaged.”

Between the two of them, they have almost thirty years of experience of teaching children, as well as both of them having completed numerous children’s mindfulness courses, including MBSR and Creative Mindfulness Kids Practitioner (IMMA).

As mothers, teachers and mindfulness practitioners, the pair are very keen on promoting children’s well-being and mental health.  

Not only can the books be used at home, but the pair encourage ‘Breathe with Bea’ to be used in the classroom saying, “In schools, teachers can use the ‘Mindful Me with Bea’ cards to practice the mindful breathing techniques with children throughout the day, at times of transition or if any child is feeling anxious or worried at any time. This book also links very well to the S.P.H.E programme in schools.

The key messages in the story cover many of the strand units for example self-awareness, self-confidence, expressing feelings and emotions and relating to others. ‘Breathe with Bea’ aims to help children with additional needs to recognise, identify and manage feelings, which can be a difficult task.”  

The pair added, “We know how important it is to give children the time, space and language to express themselves. This book also aims to develop oral language skills and give children the expressive language they need to talk, share their worries and express their feelings with someone they trust.” 

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