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board games to play during Covid-19 board games to play during Covid-19


The best board games to play with family during Covid-19 lockdown 



A list of the best board games to play with your family

The best board games to play with family during Covid-19 lockdown

As we face another lockdown it’s time to wipe the dust off of the forgotten ‘Guess Who’ you had hidden up in the wardrobe for god knows how many years. What better way to bring the family together than a good old classic games night.

I Love Limerick correspondent Elysha NÍ Chúláin will share her top picks on what board games that will bring the most fun of games night. 






Cards against humanity: Best for grown-ups

board games to play during Covid-19

                                                           Cards against humanity

Very simply, players complete a fill-in-the-blank using a selection of eyebrow-raising phrases printed on playing cards. The more risqué, politically incorrect or downright nasty phrase, the better. It’s that type of game. Don’t say you weren’t warned.  

Monopoly: Timeless classic

board games to play during Covid-19


The board game in everyone’s household. Monopoly is the game where every Irish kid learned the harsh reality of how expensive rent can be! A true timeless classic that all the family can enjoy. A game that can go on forever but it’s worth every penny

Cranium: For that little brain workout

board games to play during Covid-19


The game professes to exercise all parts of the brain (performance, words, trivia, creative), so expect to flex your Pictionary, spelling, charades, trivia anagram, singing and sculpting skills. Very simply, you haven’t lived until you’ve watched your brother make a roller skate out of Plasticine, or heard your Mom hum My Heart Will Go On against the egg timer.

Hotspots: For anyone who has the Cúpla focal or really likes Donegal


Created by a group of transition year students at Loreto Convent Letterkenny. The board reads as English on one side and Irish on the other. Essentially the game is a none-too-distant cousin of Monopoly. Here players compete to buy up popular tourist spots in Donegal. A sneaky way to get an Irish/geography lesson in over the Lockdown if you’re that way inclined.

Cludeo: For any budding detective or murder mystery fan


The classic “Who did it?” Cluedo creates the inner detectives in us all since 1950, as players gather information to successfully deduce ‘who’ ‘where’ and ‘how’ the crime was committed. This game is not only fun but really gets you thinking strategy, making sure you ask/say the right questions and statements; making it great for older children and adults.

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