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Why I Love My Job by Interior Designer Celine Gill, Owner of Style at No. 5 Interiors Why I Love My Job by Interior Designer Celine Gill, Owner of Style at No. 5 Interiors


Why I Love My Job by Interior Designer Celine Gill, Owner of Style at No. 5 Interiors



Celine Gill pictured above is an Interior Designer from Cappamore, now based in Limerick City.

Celine started Style at No. 5 Interiors as a small business, which grown over the last few years into her full-time job

By I Love Limerick correspondent Stella Gordon

Celine has been interested in interior design since childhood.

Celine Gill is founder of Style At No.5 Interiors, an interior design studio in Limerick focusing on residential projects. Celine Gill is a born and bred Limerick woman and very proud of this fact. She grew up in Cappamore and went to UL before a hiatus in Dublin for 15 years. Back in Limerick now, Celine Gill works with busy professionals across the country to make their homes work for them, maximising the potential they have. She is passionate about people feeling like their home is a happy and healthy place and reflects their personality. She likes to design eclectic spaces that mix old and new and is very conscious of sustainability when it comes to interior design.





What makes you proud to be from Limerick?

I love being from Limerick because it is part of my history, my great-grandparents, grandparents and my Dad are all from Cappamore and I love that connection to family and place. We moved back to Limerick city rather than the country though, because after 15 years in Dublin I really valued the ease of access to everything. Luckily, I have found the same sense of community in the north side of Limerick that I experienced in Cappamore. We have fantastic neighbours and friends living near us. I love going for a walk and meeting lots of people I know, though my children might disagree, as a walk can take a lot longer than planned! People are so friendly in Limerick. Everyone has time for a chat, whether that’s in the local supermarket, barbers, or café.

Have you always been interested in Interior Design?

Yes, since I was a child I’ve always loved interior design, though I didn’t know what it was back then. I remember doing up my bedroom as a teenager with the starting point of a huge cream and blue fan with birds on it that I had brought back from France. I came up with a full design scheme around it. I loved it. My other passions are writing and photography. Starting my blog and taking photos of my house and writing about design all combined to lead me to this career. But I suppose buying and doing up our own home was the real catalyst in starting me on my path to becoming an Interior Designer.

What do you love the most about your job?

I love meeting new people and helping to solve their design dilemmas. A home is a sanctuary and I want to help people to fall back in love with theirs. I work to simplify their space, take away the stress and create a design that gives them a sense of calm. I really believe that even if you can’t extend or move, through clever space planning, you can make your home more functional so that it works better for your lifestyle. I also love colour, pattern, and texture, leave me alone of a few hours looking at wallpapers or upholstery fabrics and I will be in heaven!

Celine’s aesthetic is simple, stylish and sustainable.

Do you have a favourite interior design style?

Not really, I can appreciate all styles. I suppose my aesthetic would be simple, stylish, and sustainable with an emphasis on good quality products and furniture. My main concern is how a room functions for the people living there. Often people have bought pieces of furniture over the years and they just don’t work together in a coherent scheme so I work with what they have and find the perfect pieces to finish their room. I’m not working on behalf of any company so I choose the best pieces, colours, and accessories for the individual client and their budget. My designs are timeless and therefore more sustainable.

Does anyone inspire your work?

I admire anyone who has built up a business from scratch, because now that I am doing it I know how hard it is. There are brilliant designers around Ireland and also great craftspeople and suppliers in Limerick and beyond and they inspire me with their passion and creativity and also their support. I admire anyone who is successful but is kind. As a new designer starting out I have only been encouraged and I am very grateful for this. In terms of my design aesthetic, I am inspired by art, travel, and nature. Biophilic design (incorporating elements of nature into design) is something I have explored in courses, books, and in my designs and I think it’s a really interesting area to look at both from a wider city planning perspective and also when designing your home.

What made you decide to start your own business, Style at No. 5 Interiors?

I suppose it evolved and grew rather than it being a big decision. It started small and has grown over the last few years into a full-time job.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Inspiring and educating clients. Having them look at their space in a new way. Seeing the lightbulb going on when I suggest something different for their space that they hadn’t thought of. Introducing them to an artist they didn’t know but they will love. Promoting local Irish businesses and working with great people. I love that aspect of working for myself, I get to choose who I work with and so far I have been really lucky, I get on really well with all the people I’ve worked with over the last couple of years.

What have been some challenges in your career?

Getting a handle on the business side of things has been a challenge. I had over 20 years experience working as a Technical Writer, Trainer and then a Learning and Development manager in software companies so I have business experience but working for yourself is a whole other level. I’m good at organisation, professional communication and keeping track of projects but prioritisation of what to work on is a challenge. It’s so easy to get caught up working “in” your business and not “on” your business. I have had good support from The Interiors Association, Network Ireland Limerick and LEO and I am constantly listening to interior design business podcasts and reading about building a business, so that I can improve how I work.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

I am continually growing and building my knowledge so I would love to build a broader business that encompasses my love of interior styling, educating people on design, photography and writing and of course continuing my one-to-one client work. I see myself working as an Interior Designer with my own studio (maybe at the bottom of the garden!).

What is your favourite thing about Limerick?

I know everyone says it but it’s the people! Since moving back to Limerick I have made so many new friends and found the people of Limerick to be really supportive and welcoming. I joined TRX with Eric in Earson’s Lane a few years ago and that has proved a fantastic benefit for my mental and physical health. I think the pandemic in some ways really brought out the best in people and the support from other Mums during it really got me through. A lot of my family are here and I love being close to them and seeing them regularly. I suppose being a Limerick Lady there is nowhere else I’d rather be!

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