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Coronas gig in King Johns Castle Coronas gig in King Johns Castle


Upcoming Coronas gig at King Johns Castle this April



The upcoming Coronas gig at King Johns Castle, Limerick 2016 will be part of a set of concerts hosted at the venue this year. They are to play a 2,000 capacity concert in the 13th century Castle on Saturday, April 30, which is a bank holiday weekend.
Tickets for the gig are to go on sale Friday, January 29.

It has been confirmed by Dolan’s live music venue, that the Coronas gig at King Johns Castle on Saturday, April 30 will go ahead.

Neil Dolan has described the upcoming Coronas gig in King Johns Castle as a “massive one” for the city of Limerick.

“It is the biggest show Dolan’s have ever done and it is a great coup to get one of the biggest bands in Ireland in The Coronas to do it,” Neil said.

Coronas gig at King Johns Castle

Coronas gig at King Johns Castle




He went on to remark that, “Considering they opened up the Milk Market with a series of gigs, it is incredible that they are going to be the first ones to do King John’s Castle after the Frames in 2004.”

Shannon Heritage recently revealed that it was in discussion with concert promoters to hold a “significant music event” at the Castle in 2016.


CEO of the organisation, Mr. John Ruddle, who arranges tourist attractions in the Limerick area, including St. John’s Castle, has said that Limerick city hosting a major event in the near future has been the hot topic of conversation amongst organisers.

“We are in discussions with concert promoters to explore the potential of holding a significant music event at King John’s Castle,” said Mr Ruddle.

“We think it would be a wonderful location for concerts and we are actively pursuing this,” he added.

Mr Ruddle’s comments followed those of Neil Pakey’s, the Shannon Group’s CEO who complimented the venue and remarking its “great potential”.

Mr Pakey revealed, “What we want to do with King John’s is give it events all the time,”. “I am talking to various people about big music events next year, maybe with 2,000 people coming along to it.”

He added, “It is really about bringing the Castle to life, bringing the Castle into Limerick, maybe that will stimulate more activity along Nicholas Street here.”

Besides the highly anticipated Coronas gig at King Johns Castle a number of other high profile events have been hosted at the Castle, since 2013, by Shannon Heritage  when the castle was given a major €6m refurbishment. This move has proved to be very successful, with crowd numbers doubling as a result.

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