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Evan Healy Humble Beginnings photographed with two of his artworks 'Meridian' and 'Morning Light' to be exhibited at The People's Museum of Limerick Evan Healy Humble Beginnings photographed with two of his artworks 'Meridian' and 'Morning Light' to be exhibited at The People's Museum of Limerick


WATCH Evan Healy Humble Beginnings debut exhibition comes to People’s Museum of Limerick this March 1-10



Evan Healy photographed with two of his artworks ‘Meridian’ and ‘Morning Light’ to be exhibited at The People’s Museum of Limerick in his Humble Beginnings show

Evan Healy Humble Beginnings collection for his debut solo exhibition at ‘The People’s Museum of Limerick’ from March 1-10, 2024

Evan Healy brings his most recent artwork ‘Introspection’ to his exhibition ‘Humble Beginnings’

Evan Healy’s artwork, consisting of a combination of charcoal and graphite on white paper, and white charcoal on black paper, showcases striking depictions of singular subjects and surreal scenes which aim to capture the essence of the modern world’s human condition.

“I want my work to not only be an opportunity for people to honestly look at themselves, and to realise how important the connection is between humanity and nature, I also use it as a way for me to reflect upon my own experiences and to understand what it truly means to be human,” said Evan.

‘Humble Beginnings’ is a collection of Evan’s past work, up until his most recently completed piece, to highlight the journey of Evan’s artistic career to date.




Being a self-taught artist, Evan has worked hard to produce his latest body of work, 17 of which will be displayed at ‘The People’s Museum of Limerick’.

Being his first exhibition in 2024, Evan has also had a successful year in 2023, exhibiting at the prestigious ‘London Art Biennale 2023’, curated by the International Confederation of Art Critics, and Ireland’s largest art fair, ‘Art Source 2023’ in the R.D.S. as an adventurous start to Evan’s artistic career, this has inspired the creation of Evan Healy’s ‘Humble Beginnings’.

Evan Healy with one of his artworks, ‘Meridian’ to be shown at The People’s Museum of Limerick

In Evan’s words, “I am excited to show my work to a local audience to see the feedback and engage with those interested in my work. One of the most satisfying parts in what I do is to hear the opinions of others and how the work has impacted them. Everyone has their story, and I want my work to help bring that to the surface.”

The inauguration of ‘Humble Beginnings’ will take place on the evening of the 1st of March, from 6-9pm, where a selection of food and drink will be provided to complement the experience and will offer you the chance to ask the artist any questions about the work. Both the inauguration and the remainder of the exhibition will remain free and open to the public.

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Pictures: Olena Oleksienko/ilovelimerick

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