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Limerick brand Juspy Limerick brand Juspy


Limerick brand Juspy launches across Europe with Amazon Launchpad on July 19



Limerick brand Juspy is launching across Europe with Amazon Launchpad. Pictured above is Juspy founder Leonie Lynch.  Picture: Shane Serrano

Limerick brand Juspy launches across Europe with Amazon Launchpad on July 19

Limerick brand Juspy

Juspy’s products aim to provide food supplements to health-conscious consumers. Picture: Shane Serrano

Juspy, an Irish functional food company, develops and sells nourishing powdered food supplements that support the busy lives of health-conscious consumers.

In October 2020 Juspy launched a unique Collagen Protein Blend through its D2C (direct to consumer) channel on

In March 2021 Leonie Lynch, founder of Juspy, interviewed with one of Amazon Start-up Developers and pitched her brand as a perfect fit for the eCommerce giant’s Launchpad programme – ‘where creators meet customers.’ Following the interview process, Juspy was then invited by Amazon to feature as one of their start-up brands on Amazon Launchpad EU.

Amazon Launchpad is an invitation-only programme where innovative, emerging brands get a dedicated team of support from Amazon for 12 months across the EU 5 – UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France.

The purpose of the programme is to help start-ups grow their businesses globally. It aims to equip brands to become self-sufficient sellers, so they can best showcase their innovative products across a global marketplace.

As part of the programme the brands get access to marketing placements and benefits, A+ premium content and a brand store, translations for listings across countries and marketplaces, help with promotional strategies and marketing campaigns, spotlight placement for building brand awareness.

Leonie Lynch, Founder of Juspy said, “We are so excited for this opportunity with Amazon. Our business strategy always included a multi-marketplace approach but the ability to execute that seemed very far away. We started with and Amazon was always something we might look at later when we had less to do. It was also too intimidating for me – too much to learn, another full-time job and there seems to be so much you can do wrong. Plus, how could we possibly compete in a marketplace with hundreds of thousands of brands. However, now with this opportunity coming, I am ready to give it my all. I want to become an Amazon expert and grow my business at the same time. My plans for Juspy were always global, so hopefully, through the launchpad, we can now build Amazon into our omnichannel strategy from the get-go; first to reach customers across the EU and then set our sights on the Launchpad US.”

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