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Limerick Cricket Club announce Carelon Global Solutions sponsorship boost



Limerick Cricket Club receives a boost with the announcement of a three-year sponsorship deal with Carelon Global Solutions Ireland. John Patrick Shaw, Chief Country Executive, Carelon Global Solutions Ireland, Stephen Hackett, Limerick Cricket PRO, Shabdita Sakarde, Corporate Communications Manager, Carelon Global Solutions Ireland and Carelon Global Solutions President Rajat Puri. Pic Arthur Ellis

Limerick Cricket Club receives three-year sponsorship boost from Carelon Global Solutions Ireland

Limerick Cricket Club received a three-year title sponsorship boost from Carelon Global Solutions Ireland, with the partnership seeing the Carelon name carried on the jerseys of all Limerick Cricket Club teams.

This initiative is one of a number of programmes to mark the second anniversary of Carelon Global Solutions’ arrival in Limerick, which was held recently in Troy Studios.

Chief Country Executive of Carelon Global Solutions Ireland John Patrick Shaw, indicated that investment in sport is proving to be a key enabler of Limerick and Ireland’s impressive diversity, equity and inclusion credentials.





Mr Shaw said that sport can bring people together in a space where individual identities become one. He also commented that in the Limerick and Ireland of today, sports deserve support and cricket is the default interest for many people coming to live here as well as people born in Ireland.

“No more than what Irish people did in the past or do today when they move abroad, people who come to live here get involved in and contribute to local sports organisations as a way of settling into their new communities,” Shaw noted.

“All the better if that sport is what they participated in at home as it makes their arrival in Ireland, which is a welcoming nation regardless, even better. That’s why we’re delighted to support Limerick Cricket.

“We are headquartered in Limerick for two years now and have hired 230 associates, with over half of them ‘new Irish’. The biggest group, for example, are from India, which is the fastest-growing ethnicity in Ireland and for whom cricket not just their number one sport, it’s a way of life.

“We have many others also for whom cricket is their number one sport, including some of our Irish-born staff.  But it’s so important that they have a space to come together to enjoy this sport. Limerick Cricket Club’s growth ensures that space exists here in Limerick today. It’s a great club, and we’re delighted to support it through this sponsorship.”

Carelon Global Solutions President Rajat Puri, who met with Limerick Cricket Club on a recent visit to Ireland and attended the recent Carelon Global Solutions Ireland second anniversary celebrations, expressed his delight over the partnership.

“Cricket is very dear to me. I grew up in India and it is the sport I can relate to, so I am very happy that Carelon Global Solutions has partnered with Limerick Cricket Club. Cricket is a great team sport. It’s a sport, just like many others, where people work as one for a common and positive purpose. That’s a really good fit for what we do, and we look forward to watching Limerick Cricket Club grow and supporting them in that growth.”

Chris Thomas, Chairman of Limerick Cricket Club said, “Carelon’s sponsorship is a really big moment for our club. Having a company of this scale, that’s working in a space to improve the health of healthcare, come on board as our title sponsor is a massive vote of confidence in what we are doing here in Limerick. Our club is growing and we’ve exciting plans for facilitating that growth. So, getting Carelon on board at this time is a huge boost for us.”

Sarfraz Ramay, Limerick Cricket Youth Committee Chair said, “Our club has been around for quite a while and today has four adult teams and four youth teams. For a minority sport like cricket, we pride ourselves in bringing so many kids to this beautiful sport. Not only that, it’s going to help all these kids that come from countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. They are passionate about cricket. Given that there are so many people coming into this country, and they are looking forward to playing cricket, it’s important that we get support from the likes of Carelon to help nurture this.

“It is a reflection of the new Ireland that we have a multinational company sponsoring our cricket club. Cricket is truly a multicultural sport for bringing the different communities together.”

Carelon Global Solutions Ireland develops services and processes that will help identify individual and wider public health interventions to enable people to live healthier and longer lives as well as identify efficiency gains in healthcare provision.

Its Irish Innovation Centre is located at the National Technology Park in Limerick. The company initially announced the creation of 60 posts on its arrival in Ireland in autumn 2021 but has already hired 230 people, drawn from 32 different nationalities.

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