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Limerick Maltichon Stitch aiming for the Nose of Tralee



One-year-old Maltichon Stitch is proudly representing Limerick in this year’s Nose of Tralee competition

One-year-old Maltichon Stitch is proudly representing the green and white of Limerick in this year's Nose of Tralee competition
One-year-old Maltichon Stitch is proudly representing Limerick in this year’s Nose of Tralee competition

Stitch’s journey to becoming a local hero is an example of the bond between humans and their furry friends as Sticth came into owner Courtney’s life when she needed companionship.

Stitch entered the life of his owner in August 2022, just three months after she was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma. Struggling to cope with the diagnosis, she knew she needed a new companion, and that’s when Stitch came into her life. As her first-ever dog, Stitch proved to be an unwavering source of comfort and support throughout her chemotherapy journey.

Courtney says, “I wasn’t coping well with my diagnosis so we decided I needed a new companion in my life! He was my first ever dog. He was by my side throughout my whole chemotherapy.

“I was losing my hair but that didn’t matter to him. He still loved me for me. I ended up shaving my head in October. I was afraid he wouldn’t recognise me or even want to be near me but that didn’t matter to him. He could see how hard it was for me to process and he comforted me through it.”

Stitch enjoys the simple pleasures of life, such as treats, biccies, and exploring the outdoors and Courtney describes him as a “happy, outgoing dog”. 




“He has become a familiar face at Limerick’s favourite pet shops, where he’s pampered and spoiled by doting storekeepers,” says Courtney, continuing, “Always eager to be near his owner, Stitch can often be found waiting eagerly behind the door whenever she leaves the room.”

“Stitch is named after my favourite Disney movie/TV show, Lilo and Stitch. Stitch’s Birthday is on the 26th of June. Little did I know that he was born on Stitch day! (626 day) He was destined to be called Stitch,” explains Courtney.

Stitch’s owner asks for the public to vote for him and celebrate the incredible bond they share, she said, “Stitch deserves to win the Nose of Tralee 2023 because he is the most loyal dog I’ve ever met. He is always by my side – with his tail wagging! He is truly the best. He is the best Limerick supporter around! He was so happy to see Limerick win 4-in-a-row in the All-Ireland Hurling Final.”

“Please vote for Stitch. He has done so much for me. He is the best friend anyone could ask for,” she exclaimed.

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