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Gormley picks up title at Muscle Contest Ireland 2018 in Limerick

Mens Physique IFBB Pro Card winner Josh Coyle from Ireland pictured with Muscle Contest Ireland 2018 director, Brian Bullman, and Muscle Contest International director, Tamer El Guindy.

Gormley picks up title at Muscle Contest Ireland 2018 in Limerick

Recently, Limerick was home to the inaugural Muscle Contest Ireland 2018. This is the first ever pro-qualifying, and the first ever professional bodybuilding contest in Ireland. Muscle Contest International hosts more than forty contests around the world, annually, promoting health and fitness for men and women of all ages for more than three decades.

Limerick is Ireland’s birthplace of bodybuilding with the first ever Mr. Ireland, Tommy Dillon, Mr. Olympia competitor Sean Bullman, European champion Jimmy Butler, and multi-world Powerlifting champions Shane Brodie and Liam Bevelle, just to name a few.




Limerick is also one of the only cities in the entire world with a weightlifting memorial, commemorating John O’Grady, a multi-world champion from the nineteenth century, that has been standing for almost one hundred years.

The event was hosted by multi-USA champion Tamer El Guindy and Limerick’s very own multi-Irish National and World Champion Brian Bullman at the South Court Hotel and Convention Centre. Almost two hundred athletes from more than twenty countries came to Limerick to compete for the six IFBB pro league cards.

One professional bodybuilding champion walked away with an invitation to Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia contest in Las Vegas later this year. David Henry, a former Olympia champion of the United States earned his spot on the road to the Olympia once again.

Over one thousand spectators witnessed the top amateur and professional physique athletes competing in various categories.

Muscle Contest Ireland 2018

Women’s Figure IFBB Pro card winner Bokim Park from Korea Muscle Contest Ireland 2018 director Brian Bullman.

The six overall winners and newly inducted professionals were Bodybuilding, Hameed Juma from Bahrain, Women’s Physique, Emma Gormley from Ireland, Men’s Physique, Josh Coyle from Ireland, Women’s Figure, Bokim Park from Korea Classic Physique, Piotr Borecki from Poland, Bikini, Jessica Da Costa from Luxembourg

Brian Bullman was very excited to announce that this is now an annual event to be held in Limerick, bringing athletes and fans from around the world to Limerick and giving the local economy and Limerick’s reputation as the international city of sport some more muscle.


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