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NeighbourFood Limerick drive through NeighbourFood Limerick drive through


NeighbourFood Limerick Drive Through offers new shopping collection service

NeighbourFood Limerick drive through is now operational! Pictured above is NeighbourFood Limerick host, Deirdre MacMahon. Picture: Val O’Connor

NeighbourFood Limerick Drive Through offers new shopping collection service

By I Love Limerick correspondent Mary Caroline McCarthy

NeighbourFood Limerick, a new click’ n’ collect online service has been bringing relief to Limerick’s food producers. The online food service emerged in Limerick during the pandemic, but it is perhaps the most important one for the region’s local food producers and suppliers.

NeighbourFood Limerick set up at the Limerick Milk Market in March 2020. This service was a lifeline for local shoppers and suppliers during the first lockdown as the Milk Market was forced to close, and the online click & collect NeighbourFood market was one of the few routes left for suppliers to connect with their customers.


After the Milk Market reopened, NeighbourFood continued to operate every Thursday. It provides a convenient alternative shopping service that suits many Limerick food-lovers. With over 40 local suppliers, and with over 1000 products to choose from, NeighbourFood is here to stay.

This week saw the launch of a new NeighbourFood Limerick drive through collection service. This will speed up the collection and will be particularly beneficial to customers with mobility concerns, those who are cocooning, customers with large collection boxes, or anyone avoiding inclement weather.

“We trialled the NeighbourFood Limerick drive through service last week and it was a huge success” said NeighbourFood Limerick host, Deirdre MacMahon. “This will be so convenient in the weeks running up to Christmas, when everyone is time-constrained and needs a super-quick and convenient way to collect their shopping, whether it’s their normal weekly groceries, or Christmas gift shopping.”

The online market opens on Friday afternoon December 4, and customers have almost five days to order with the market closing at midnight on Tuesday, December 8.  Each customer will then receive their order number on Wednesday morning and Thursday evening customers can come to the Milk Market to collect their order.

The first hour, from 5 pm to 6 pm, will operate as a walk-in collection, with priority for pedestrians and cyclists who enter through the market gates on the Ellen Street side of the Milk Market. Then from 6 pm to 7 pm the drive-through option is available for NeighbourFood customers. Entry is via the Milk Market gates on the Cornmarket Row side. Staff will meet customers at the gate and take their order number. Customers are asked to drive slowly and carefully through the Market to the collection table where their order box will be waiting. Staff can put the box directly into their car boot or they can get out and pack it themselves if preferred. The exit is through the market gates on the Watergate side, and customers are asked to take care and yield as they exit as there may be pedestrians crossing.

“It is a drive-through, but now one as we know it,” Deirdre added, “We think it is about time there was a ‘slow-food’ drive-through service in Limerick.”


You can use the NeighbourFood online market by clicking HERE

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