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Nepalese Community Limerick raising vital funds for Nepal Nepalese Community Limerick raising vital funds for Nepal


PHOTOS – Nepalese Community Limerick raising vital funds for Nepal



Pictured above: Front – left to right: Margaret O’Connell, Kathleen Horan, Susmita Adhakari, Parbati Gautam, Anne O’Regan and Amrit Neupane. Back – left to right: Elvis Williams, Milan Acharya and Robert Byrne.
Nepal recently had a destructive earthquake on Saturday 25 April, killing 5500 people to date, over 11,000 injured and more than 70,000 homes were destroyed in the disaster. The death toll is more than likely to increase over the next few days and weeks with the search and rescue still undergoing. Nepal’s poor government is struggling to overcome the destruction the earthquake has caused, resulting in lack of resources to help save lives and allow people rebuild their lives.

Here in Limerick, the Nepalese community has foreseen many problems that Nepal and Nepalese people who survived the earthquake, are going to face in coming days. The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, has roughly a population of 8 million and 2/3 of the houses have been destroyed, leaving most of the survivors homeless.  Tourism is Nepal’s main source of income and Kathmandu had many World Heritage Centres but they have been destroyed by earthquake, leaving the tourism industry in trouble. Future problems for the survivors are lack of clean drinking water and risk of diseases. Monsoon season is weeks away, meaning that heavy rain and floods are on the way, causing more problems for survivors.

It is believed that there are about 50 Irish holidaymakers in Nepal currently. The Nepal community in Limerick would like to find out if there are any holidaymakers from Munster region so that they can help and get in touch with the missing tourists in Nepal.

To support Nepal, Nepalese Community Limerick have come up with many fundraising events. A candlelight vigil was held on April 29 on Bedford Row and €1,508 was raised. If you would like to make a donation, donations can be made by a bank transfer to Nepalese community Limerick, Account Number 21202728, IBAN IE78BOFI90431721202728.

Bobby Byrnes Pub is going to organise a fundraising table quiz on Thursday May 21. Milan Acharya, a member of the Nepalese community, says ‘We are encouraging as many people as possible to participate. Limerick people have been really supportive. Local communities and Doras Luimni have been a great help to us.’



Nepalese Community Limerick has around 250 Nepalese people in Limerick currently. It consists of students studying here in various colleges and families working in Limerick who had made Limerick their home. Nepalese community Limerick had been actively supporting Nepalese people and organizing native events and festivals.

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Photos by Billy Butler for I Love Limerick 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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