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Limerick City’s first fully-inclusive playground opens in People’s Park



The reopening of the Peoples Park playground took place on Monday 4th September, making it Limerick City’s first fully-inclusive playground. The Deputy Mayor Dan McSweeney unveiled the new playground. Picture by: Kieran Ryan-Benson

Limerick City’s first fully-inclusive playground has been unveiled at the People’s Park

2-year-old Anna Danylchyk from Ukraine enjoying the new slide with a little help from her Mum Olha. Picture by: Kieran Ryan-Benson

Limerick City and County Council is delighted to announce that the transformation of the Playground at the People’s Park is now complete, marking the introduction of Limerick City’s first fully inclusive playground.

The newly revitalised playground promises to provide children of all abilities and ages with an environment that fosters inclusive play, accessibility, and boundless imagination.

The upgraded playground showcases features designed to ensure an all-encompassing play experience. Wheelchair accessible equipment, a sensory garden, and an emphasis on imaginative play are at the forefront of this innovative project.


Mayor of the City and County of Limerick, Cllr Gerald Mitchell welcomed the new addition to the People’s Park:

“This is a transformative moment for children of all abilities in Limerick. The new playground is a response to the evolving needs of our city offering a diverse range of equipment thoughtfully designed for accessible and inclusive play. The enhanced playground will be a cherished gathering spot for the community.”

Comment from Carmel Lynch, Head of Parks and Senior Executive Engineer with Limerick City and County Council:

“The transformation of the People’s Park Playground signifies Limerick City and County Council’s commitment to nurturing boundless imagination and cultivating fresh avenues for dynamic and inventive play experiences. It allows children to play in a safe and stimulating environment, allowing their creativity to take flight.”

Among the highlights are a fully accessible roundabout, trampoline, and sand digger, while other equipment is thoughtfully designed for accessibility through transfers.

One of the standout features is a wide slide along the park’s embankment, providing an opportunity for children and caregivers to slide together—an activity that knows no bounds.

The swing sets boast a spacious bucket-molded seat and a secure “roller coaster” style harness, offering children without typical muscular strength and co-ordination the chance to enjoy swinging alongside their peers. A dedicated sensory area encompasses various games and musical panels, along with a captivating story-telling space.

Funding for this transformative project has been generously provided by the Elected Members of the Metropolitan District of the Council and Limerick Sports Partnership.

Garden Escapes, a renowned company specialising in play and sports area design, secured the project contract through a competitive tendering process.

People's Park fully-inclusive playground
The Deputy Mayor Dan McSweeney got into the swing of things as he unveiled the new playground. Picture by: Kieran Ryan-Benson

Children can now indulge in sliding, swinging, climbing, bouncing, spinning, balancing, socialising, and imaginative play opportunities, all designed to be enjoyed without limitations.

The playground’s appearance is enhanced by natural surfacing materials, including sand surfacing, grass mats, and resin-bound rubber mulch, seamlessly blending with the surrounding environment.

Leveraging the site’s topography, the design incorporates green embankment areas for slides, climbing structures, and an enthralling adventure trail, fostering a space for numerous children to gather and engage in play together.

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