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Tanya Holliday December Dips for Direct Provision and ICHH

Tanya Holliday pictured above is fundraising for the month of December

Tanya Holliday December Dips for Direct Provision and ICHH


By I Love Limerick correspondent Mary Caroline McCarthy

Tanya Holliday

Tanya is swimming in the ocean every day for 31 days 



Limerick lady Tanya Holliday has decided that every day for the month of December she is going to swim in the sea or the river every day to raise funds for those in Direct Provision and Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH).


Direct Provision centres are a system of asylum seeker accommodation used here in Ireland. The ICHH is a charity that aims to help homeless individuals on the streets, but they also supply food and support to those in crisis. At the present moment, both these centres and charities have been overrun and their services are being spread far too thin due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Tanya Holliday is from Castleconnell, Limerick and decided to take on this fundraiser after she was mugged in Dublin a few weeks ago. Tanya said, “A man pushed me against a wall, grabbed my phone and purse, and ran down an alleyway. I was lucky to have several men run to my aid and they managed to get my things back from the man who had stolen them. I stopped and talked to a couple of the men who ran to my aid and learned that they were Somalian refugees and had only arrived in Ireland a month ago and were left living in a direct provision centre in Dublin.”


Due to this experience, Tanya decided she wanted to help in any way she could. This year has been difficult for everyone. Though most of us are lucky enough to have a home, which is comfortable, warm, provides privacy, and a safe space for your family and friends, people like the two men who helped Tanya are not so lucky.


Those in direct provision are without a home and do not have the same luxuries that we take for granted. The place is not their own, they are in close quarters without even basic hygiene and sanitary products are not readily available. For those in direct provision, their families are thousands of miles away. Living in these conditions is degrading under normal circumstances, but with the addition of Covid-19, it has been heightened to inhumane.


Before the Covid pandemic, the main crisis Ireland was facing was that of homelessness. This crisis has not gone and has actually continued to worsen amidst Covid-19.


So far Tanya’s fundraiser has raised over €1,500. To put this in context this equates to 15 families receiving weekly food parcels in emergency accommodation or 12 outreach mobile support vans.


Tanya said, “A massive thank you to everyone who has donated so far. These funds will really make a massive impact for those less fortunate in our society. I understand that the current economic climate is challenging for a lot of people right now, but any level of support would be greatly appreciated. If you can, please consider donating to this worthy cause and ease the hardship a little for those less fortunate.”


To donate to Tanya Holliday’s fundraiser, go HERE


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