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Tyrone Cronin O’Brien triumphs as IKF European K1 Champion in Galway



Limerick’s Tyrone Cronin O’Brien came away as IKF European K1 Champion at the Ballinfoyle event in Galway on Sunday, February 4

Limerick’s Tyrone Cronin O’Brien emerged victorious as the IKF European K1 Champion on Sunday, February 4, representing HMA (Hub Martial Arts)

Limerick's Tyrone Cronin O'Brien emerged victorious as the IKF European K1 Champion on Sunday, February 4, representing HMA (Hub Martial Arts)
Tyrone Cronin O’Brien pictured with his trainer Paul O’Brien

Limerick’s Tyrone Cronin O’Brien, representing HMA (Hub Martial Arts), emerged victorious as the IKF European K1 Champion on Sunday, February 4.

The thrilling battle took place at the Ballinfoyle event in Galway, where Tyrone faced off against Llario Varlet, a top athlete from Belgium.

Varlet’s determination pushed Tyrone to his limits over 5 intense rounds. Tyrone got caught with a perfectly timed right hand in the second round, but he showed his warrior spirit by getting right back up.






From then on, he dominated every round and kept the pressure on the Belgian fighter. It was incredible to see his determination and resilience in action.

Tyrone’s exceptional training and unwavering skill shone through against a worthy opponent, leading him to claim the European title.

Anesu “The African Wolf” Havadi took his fight on just 3 day’s notice.

The atmosphere in Galway was electric as Tyrone’s hand was raised in victory. With nearly 60 supporters from Limerick, the cheers and songs made the moment even more special and TeamHub extended heartfelt gratitude to all the supporters who made this day unforgettable.

Tyrone’s recent achievements have been nothing short of extraordinary, especially within the last 6 months. In addition to winning the 5 Nations title in a higher weight category, he also secured gold medals in Kickboxing, K1, and Low Kick at the Unified World Championships. Adding to his remarkable form, Tyrone sealed his dominance by clinching the European K1 IKF title.

Another standout performer at the event was Anesu “The African Wolf” Havadi from Teamhub. Despite taking the bout on just 3 days’ notice, Anesu showcased incredible skill and determination, He faced a tough MMA fighter from Galway and had a great performance over 3 rounds to claim the win.

What an incredible display of talent and dedication from both fighters from TeamHub!
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