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UL announces Park Point complex purchase UL announces Park Point complex purchase


UL announces Park Point complex purchase



UL announces Park Point complex purchase. The University of Limerick has revealed that it has bought the €4m Park Point complex on Limerick’s Dublin Road.

The University intends to use the 96,230 sq. ft. complex to further expand its campus facilities. Park Point is currently occupied by a number of retail warehouse units, Cafe Noir and the Travel Lodge hotel.

Despite the announcement, the details of how the University intends to use of complex is not known and will be discussed further at a later time.

What the University did have to say was, that “With its strategic location adjacent to the University of Limerick campus, the facility provides the opportunity for a range of additional requirements for a growing university.”




Professor Don Barry, the president of the University went on to explain that: “The University has expanded rapidly in the last 40 years and is now widely regarded as one of the most impressive campuses in Europe, spanning 133 hectares with world-class facilities designed to provide a unique learning environment for our students. The recent launch of our new strategic plan “Broadening Horizons” aims to build international impact and this new acquisition will help us to do just that.”

Tadhg Kearney the Chairman of Plassey Campus Centre (PCC) Ltd, added:  “This acquisition gives UL a highly visible presence on the Dublin Road and in the view of PCC, presents opportunities for, among other things, student accommodation, conference facilities, indoor sports and recreation, together with storage spaces, hotel accommodation and restaurants.”

The university confirmed that there is currently no date set for any repurposing of the complex. A spokesperson for UL continued to explain that the plans: “are still at the early stages but as soon as there is an intended date it will be issued.”

The university assures that neither Café Noir nor the Travel Lodge will be affected by UL’s purchase of the complex. Café Noir currently holds a full lease and is in discussions with the university on future plans for the space.

UL continued by saying : “The existence of ancillary warehousing and office spaces at Park Point will also offer the potential for UL to continue to provide support for local enterprise and start-up companies, mirroring the current activity of its successful on-campus Nexus Centre in this new adjacent facility.”

The newly purchased complex is located within a short walking distance from the local Aldi store. The store serves many of the Universities of students each week and is currently serviced by a weekly University of Limerick Students’ Union bus for students.

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