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Limerick Alt-Rock band Waterdogs to release ‘Victim (By Choice)’ as second single



Waterdogs are set to release their second single, Victim (By Choice) this Friday, November 3. Picture: Caleb Purcell

Limerick-based Alt-Rock band, Waterdogs, are set to release their second single, ‘Victim (By Choice)’ this November 3

Victim (By Choice) is the band’s second single and will be available to stream from Friday, November 3

Limerick’s Waterdogs are set to release their second single, ‘Victim (By Choice)’ this Friday, November 3, having experienced great success with their well-received debut single ‘Stone Driver’.

Releasing the track which “kind of wrote itself”, lead-singer Kat Casey said at the time of writing the song ” I was about five years into a friendship with one of the most toxic, selfish people I have ever met.”

The theme of the song is mirrored in Casey’s haunting vocals, the groovy yet melancholic guitar riffs and a plaintive but catchy bassline. The lyrics paint a picture of the relationship described by the vocalist and the toll it can take on a person in a toxic relationship who finds it difficult to leave a tough situation.




Waterdogs is a four-piece alt-rock band based in Limerick, Ireland, consisting of Kat Casey on vocals, Aaron Griffin on guitar, Ciara Maria Hayes on bass, and Eoghan Creedon on drums.

Drawing influence from many genres, the sound is commonly described as ‘90s, with tracks varying from intense grunge and blues rock, to soft, melodic indie tunes.

Frontwoman Kat Casey wrote the track over a year ago saying: “To be honest, it (‘Victim’) kind of wrote itself. At the time I was about five years into a friendship with one of the most toxic, selfish people I have ever met.

“Everything always had to go her way and if it didn’t I suffered the consequences. Eventually, I had enough of dealing with it and with the decision to cut her off came a song. ‘Victim’ is an easy song for most people to relate – many people have put themselves in positions that make them uncomfortable just to make somebody else happy.

“This is where the title came from: you are the victim of mental/verbal abuse but you chose to stay because you are making somebody else happy. Sometimes it’s far too easy to be overly nice to people who may not deserve it, regardless of how much it drains you.”

Waterdogs debut single ‘Stone Driver’ has received over 3,000 streams on Spotify alone, has received radio play through Limerick’s Live95 and Wired FM, landed itself on Hot Press’ New Irish Songs To Hear This Week playlist, and even scored the group an interview with RTÉ.

Gearing up to the launch of their debut EP Midnight Loser (releasing on December 1st), the group are excited to bring forth ‘Victim (By Choice)’, a groovy, laid-back melody with driving drums and a touch of reggae flair.

Listen to Waterdogs here.
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