Albert Nolan’s Wild about Limerick

Albert Nolan's Wild about Limerick

Pictured Above: Albert Nolan

I Love Limerick’s resident nature writer Albert Nolan has a new wildlife show on Limerick City Community Radio called Wild about Limerick. The show is produced by Mary Honan who has her own show ‘Wild Geese’ each Saturday.

Albert is delighted to be given this opportunity, and looks forward to sharing his passion for all things wild with the community. Limerick city has an amazing wildlife from the banks of the Shannon to the bumblebees that forage in the People’s Park. There are also brilliant projects going on in the city that are helping to raise awareness about the nature in our city and the different ways that we can protect it.

Albert has had an interest in nature since he was a child and especially the creatures that share our city streets, gardens and parks. He engages with different groups from Tidy Towns to schools, and writes for the Limerick Leader on wildlife. Nearly everyone has some interest in wildlife from fishing to butterflies, and this makes it a great and safe way to get to know people from different communities.  

Limerick City Community Radio is a not-for-profit community radio station for Limerick City and its environs. Limerick City Community Radio is on 99.9fm at weekends, from 8am – 2am on Saturdays, and from 8am – 12am on Sundays. LCCR is committed to serving its community irrespective of creed, class, colour or race, to giving a voice to those not served by the mainstream broadcasting service,; to educating, informing and inspiring people in our community and to promoting a sense of community and civic pride. The Radio is also a member of The Community Radio Forum of Ireland which is the representative, co-ordinating, lobbying, training, & support organisation for Irish Community Radio. 

Listen in this Saturday to Albert’s show at 4.30pm, tune in at 99.9fm or on the Limerick City Community Radio website here. The show is broadcasted every fortnight.

If you have a wildlife story or event please contact Albert at [email protected] or 089 4230502.

Read more stories about nature in Limerick written by Albert Nolan here.

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