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Beas Polar Express SOS is the third book written by Limerick teachers Claire Keating and Sinead Dore Beas Polar Express SOS is the third book written by Limerick teachers Claire Keating and Sinead Dore


Limerick teachers release book Beas Polar Express SOS to help children deal with sadness



Beas Polar Express SOS is the third book written by  Limerick teachers Claire Keating and Sinead Dore.

This is the third book in our ‘Breathe with Bea’ series

Beas Polar Express SOS
The cover of Beas Polar Express SOS.

Limerick duo Claire Keating and Sinead Dore have created ‘Breathe with Bea’, the new children’s mindfulness book series.  

Limerick teachers Claire and Sinéad, who between them, have almost thirty years of experience of teaching children have just released their third book, ‘Beas Polar Express SOS’. This is the third book in our ‘Breathe with Bea’ series. The aim of the series is to help children cope with and recognise various feelings and emotions. The book aims to help children deal with empathy and dealing with sadness.




Bea’s Best Pals find themselves in situations where they feel sad and lonely. All children can relate to these scenarios. Bea shows empathy and kindness towards her friends by providing a listening ear. She teaches her pals about the importance of communication and encourages them to open up about their problems. She also teaches them a new breathing trick to help them when big feelings and emotions come to visit.

Breathing ‘Low and Slow’ promotes a sense of calm and composure, while thinking thankful thoughts increases positive emotions, optimism and happiness, all while empowering children to feel more resilient- it is a great habit to form.

Caire and Sinead said, “We have 15 free lesson plans on our website. These Lesson plans are designed to reinforce the key messages in Bea’s Ocean Commotion , Bea’s Jungle Rumble and Beas Polar Express SOS. The lessons, worksheets, questions and games encourage the practice of mindful breathing techniques and develop emotional literacy through fun and engaging activities. We also have a ‘Colour with Bea’ workbook available on our site.”

Colouring can be a highly beneficial and effective way of fostering wellness in children. It promotes a range of benefits to nurture wellbeing and promote positive mental health by reducing stress, anger and anxiety, improving focus and inducing a meditative state. It is also a relaxing form of self-expression that stimulates creativity and allows children to express their individuality. It can have a profoundly calming and therapeutic effect on children (and adults too!). Colouring helps maintain focus and keeps children in the present moment, distracting and disconnecting them from other thoughts, which helps to relax and release emotions.

They have been receiving amazing feedback from schools, psychologists, child psychotherapists, principals and parents. 

“Addressing big feelings through a therapeutic story, and practising breath-worth to regulate, is amazing and exactly what children need. A definite five-star rating from me,’ said Debbie Cullinane, Primary Teacher, Play Therapist, Trainee Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist.

“These beautifully illustrated books and the accompanying mindfulness cards are a wonderful resource for parents and professionals alike”, commented Siobhán Prendiville, Primary School Teacher, Adult & Child Therapist.

“Once again, Claire and Sinéad have produced a beautifully written story for children, which will captivate their hearts and imaginations while also facilitating insight and resilience,” added Dr. Suzanne McClean, Counselling Psychologist.

The three books are available on their website and in 17 bookstores across Ireland and also Dunnes Stores Nationwide. 

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