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VIDEO & PHOTOS – Ber Collins Every Mum has Magic Kisses Book Launch



Ber Collins, Energist and Holistic Therapy Teacher, has published her first book ‘Every Mum has Magic Kisses’, a true story of loss, hope, love and forgiveness that invites every parent to learn how to release their magic. Ber had the official launch of her book on Thursday May 12 at 6.30pm in O Mahony’s Booksellers on O’ Connell Street, Limerick.

Ber Collins




Through a childhood filled with abuse and bullying a little girl holds on to the dream of a family of her own where her children will have the childhood she wishes she had. However the stress and strain of motherhood together with the memories from her past threaten to overwhelm her as she is overcome with grief for her lost childhood. As she puts one foot in front of the other to ensure her kids have what she missed out on during her early years, her broken heart fills with love for them. Her healing begins and she embarks on a journey that leads her to living a life filled with love, passion and purpose.

The book opens with the story of a young Ber. When Ber turned eight her whole world turned upside down. Her father began sexually abusing her but the confused and scared eight year old kept her “special” secret from all of her loved ones. She never confided in anyone, as the one time she tried to she was turned away and deemed “silly” by a priest. On her own Ber tried to keep a brave face through the abuse she was experiencing at home and in school.

Twenty years ago Ber was filled with anger, sadness and fear and was finding it very difficult to be the Mum she knew her kids needed her to be.  The stress and strain of motherhood together with the memories from her past were overwhelming.

Through the love of her husband, son and daughter, Ber began to heal, “each time I looked at their happy little faces, a little piece of me healed.” Now Ber knows that “although you can’t change the past you can decide how it affects you.”

Through her work as an Energist and Holistic Therapy Teacher over the past eight years, Ber found that there was a common theme occurring. People were suffering from stress brought on by various kinds of traumatic events in their lives. As a result, they found themselves thinking, feeling and acting in ways that they knew deep down was not who they really were and many of them were suffering ill health which they felt had been brought on by severe stress.

Ber felt the book needed to be written. It was something that just kept “gnawing” away at her. Ber was so passionate about sharing her story that she spent her own money and self published her book, “I want the book to find its way into the hands and hearts of every person who needs it.” Ber believes “there is a spark in everyone, and sometimes that spark gets dulled and damaged” she wants the book to “put a flame under this spark to reignite it.”

Every Mum has Magic Kisses is a nonjudgmental book which offers parents guidelines on how to meet their children’s needs. It is a book that shines a light on a path out of the darkness to help you be the parent your kids needs you to be. Through her determination to create a happy childhood for them, she discovered what Mums who have read her book have described as “a user-manual for raising happy kids.” Ber is a woman on a mission, a mission to ensure that kids grow up in happy homes filled with love and fun.

The book is available from her website and it’s also available for kindle at is available for interview and can be contacted at [email protected]. #releaseyourmagic.

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