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Explore Limerick and Its Surroundings by Campervan



Campervan Ireland – Discovering Limerick’s culture, nature and historic architecture by campervan is quite an adventure

Explore Limerick and Its Surroundings by Campervan

Domestic travel has been the up-and-coming trend since the start of the pandemic. More and more people are starting to explore their own country and appreciating what it has to offer. In Ireland, a road trip is the way to go. Starting in Limerick city, with its perfectly central location on the west coast, you can discover what makes Limerick County and its surroundings so special.






Discovering Limerick’s culture, nature and historic architecture by campervan is quite an adventure, with so many memories to be made and treasured.

Limerick is not your typical tourist destination, and this makes it very unique and worth visiting. There are quite a lot of interesting things to do in Limerick, with multiple attraction sites located within the city and across the entire county.

Why rent a campervan in Limerick?

Limerick is not just perfectly central to start off a road trip adventure, there are also multiple campervan rental stations with many vehicles to choose from. There’s a reason why the number of campers is continuing to increase, these are only a few of the benefits of a campervan holiday:

  • Flexibility

With a campervan, you are your own tour guide, and you choose the direction to take. You are not restricted to any particular location nor to any schedule. Having a campervan gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want, at any time.

  • Accommodation with you at all times

Simply put, a campervan is a self-contained vehicle that has all the essentials – including bedding, a kitchen and in most cases a small bathroom. Consequently, you do not need to check in to a hotel for you to freshen up, sleep or eat. With this in mind, whenever you need to take a rest, all you must do is pull up at a campsite or find a place to spend the night on the app Park4night.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Travelling in a camper can also save you a lot of money! It does not just make you independent from public transport and bookable accommodation, but you are also able to be completely self-sufficient, making your own food and organizing your very own day trips.


When renting a campervan in Limerick, your first stop should be the city. You can park your vehicle at Arthur’s Quay and explore the entire city on foot. Before you fully embark on your road trip adventure, take a day to embrace Limerick city – These are our top picks for what to do and see:

The Hunt Museum

This museum is home to some incredible artifacts that can be dated back to ancient Greece. As though this is not impeccable enough, the Hunt Museum also has some artwork from some renowned artists like Pablo Picasso. Some Irish relics are also exhibited in this museum.

The Milk Market

This market is only operational on weekends, but it offers a wide variety of essentials that you can select from. On Saturdays, food products are available at this market whereby fresh farm produce, seafood, and indigenous sauces are available for sale. On Sundays, in addition to food products, art, clothes and other miscellaneous items are also sold.

King John’s Castle

Since the 13th century, the castle has been standing tall, with just a few renovations over the years. This castle is one of the major attractions in Limerick, if not the main one. Just by visiting King John’s castle, you can almost comprehend the entire history of the Irish state. Some parts of the castle serve as exhibition rooms where interactional projections are displayed.

Campervan Ireland

King John’s Castle is a must-see stop if exploring the city by campervan

St. Mary’s Cathedral

This cathedral is the pure description of state-of-the-art architecture. The design and construction of this cathedral are very rich. However, since it is a place of worship, the cathedral is quite sheltered. Nevertheless, it is quite frequently visited by tourists.

Thomond Park

Thomond Park is Limerick’s rugby stadium. It is at Thomond park that you can get to watch a live rugby game going down. You can have a tour inside the stadium and visit the areas especially set aside for rugby players as well as their trainers.

People’s Park

With its location next to the Limerick art gallery, this park is the ideal setting for a picnic, a random stroll or just catching some fresh air and sunshine. There are beautiful flowers that blossom especially during spring, adding more beauty to the park. One of the most outstanding features of this park is a massive pillar that has a statue at the top.

Road Trip Destination Recommendations in and around Limerick

After exploring the city it’s time to see some of the incredible nature close by. Of course, you can pick and choose your favourite destinations, create an individual itinerary and make the most of having a campervan that gives you the freedom to go and stay wherever whenever.

Just in case you need some inspiration, here are some ideas for a road trip route to explore Limerick and its surroundings by campervan:

Keeper Hill

From the city make your way east to Keeper Hill. This beautiful hill forms part of the Silvermine Mountains in Tipperary. With 694 metres in height, it offers some magnificent hiking trails and stunning views.

Clare Glens

From there, you’re only a super quick drive away from the Clare Glens. This beautiful forest with multiple waterfalls is right on the border between Limerick and Tipperary and definitely worth the visit.

Lough Gur

Only thirty minutes further south you will arrive at Lough Gur. This extraordinary location is not just popular for its natural beauty, but is also full of history, folklore and archaeology to be discovered. You can either explore Lough Gur on your own or opt for one of the guided tours.

Campervan Ireland

Pictured above is Lough Gur, an ideal region to explore by campervan


Next up on our route is Adare – the supposedly prettiest village in all of Ireland. Here you can take a relaxing stroll, sit in the park, enjoy some tea and scones and maybe even splurge on an exquisite dinner in the luxurious Adare Manor. Adare Manor is also home to the brand-new state of the art golf course that has hosted many tournaments.

Depending on how long of a road trip you are planning, you could either return the vehicle to the station or continue your journey up north.

From Adare, we recommend driving up to Tarbert, where you will find the Shannon Ferries port. The ferry will take you from Kerry straight to Killimer in Clare. Off the ferry, you could make your way to the popular summer holiday location Kilkee and enjoy a few days by the beach. Kilkee is also a perfect starting point to further drive up the west coast on the worldwide famous Wild Atlantic Way where more exciting highlights are waiting for you. Enjoy! 

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Campervan Ireland

Kilkee- a perfect starting point to further drive up the west coast on the worldwide famous Wild Atlantic Way

Richard is a presenter, producer, songwriter and actor. He was named the Limerick Person of the Year (2011) and won an online award at the Metro Éireann Media and Multicultural Awards (2011) for promoting multi-culturalism online. Richard says that the concept is very much a community driven project that aims to document life in Limerick. So, that in 20 years time people can look back and remember the events that were making the headlines.