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CSPP Chairperson Awarded National Volunteer Ireland Award CSPP Chairperson Awarded National Volunteer Ireland Award


CSPP Chairperson Awarded National Volunteer Ireland Award



Pictured above Mike Mulholland, (centre front), the chairperson of the Corbett Suicide Prevention Patrol.

Mr. Mike Mulholland, CSPP Chairperson awarded National Volunteer Ireland Award. Mr. Mulholland received his award in recognition of his work with the Corbett Suicide Prevention Patrol, who work with those who are at risk of suicide in Limerick.

Following his award, he announced that he was “thrilled” that the group had been “recognised and praised”.

He continued to say “We are out four nights a week, and there are only 27 of us there. It’s a lot of commitment from each member, and it’s a lot of dedication. It’s not an easy job, as we get soaked by the rain and we do get cold, but we have a great team altogether.”




Mr. Mulholland received his nomination for the help and support he offered to a woman back in October 2014. The woman nominated the chairperson after he had been so supportive to her in a time when she just “wanted to be left alone”, but the chairperson assured her “that wasn’t going to happen”.

“She was in a very distraught place, she was fully intending on taking her own life. She had taken an overdose and she was completely zoned out when we saw her.”

The chairperson explained that many people who volunteer with the group have been affected by suicide in the past, that being “the reason why some of them do it. They have seen, first-hand, the pain and anguish that it can cause”.

Mr. Mulholland went on to say that, “All you can do is talk to them. More often than not, you could be the first person whom they have spoken to in a week or two. And after 15 minutes, we will gain their trust and they will allow us to contact a family member. If that doesn’t happen, we make the choice whether to call the Gardaí or the ambulance,”.

CSPP Chairperson Awarded National Volunteer Ireland Award

In the event of being offered €5,000 or five volunteers, the chairperson responded, “I would take the five volunteers straight away, because it is more feet on the ground.”

He explained that, “We might take on six, or seven new volunteers and we might lose two or three out of that, because they might be shocked at what they might see. It isn’t for everybody; you have to be very strong-minded. You have to have a good strong background at home, too”.

Mr. Mulholladnd CSPP Chairperson Awarded National Volunteer Ireland Award, was not alone representing Limerick at this year’s award ceremony in Clontarf Castle on December 2. Lucie Nagle, aged 12 from Kilmallock, was one of the three people selected for the International Development award.  Lucie was nominated as a result of being involved with a number or charity projects. To name just one, Lucie was involved in the National Day of Hope, which raised €2,300 for the HOPE foundation.

Another astounding achievement for Limerick.

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