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Animal lover shaves her head to raise funds for the DEEL Animal Action Group



DEEL Animal Action Group’s selfless fosterer Gabi decided to shave her head in an effort to raise some much-needed funds

Animal lover shaves her head to raise funds for the DEEL Animal Action Group

By I Love Limerick correspondent Mary Caroline McCarthy

DEEL Animal

Gabi hopes she can raise €2,000 to enable them to continue their amazing work.




The world of animal rescue never stops according to a west Limerick action group who are appealing for support at this time. Deel Animal Action Group is a registered animal rescue charity based in west Limerick and is run by a small number of volunteers. Their aim is to get stray and abandoned animals to a place of safety and to find their forever home. 

An animal lover named Gabi plans to shave her head to raise funds for DEEL.

Gabi is one of DEELs selfless fosterers who really wants to make a difference for the small charity. Gabi is from Co. Louth and decided she will shave her head in an effort to raise some much-needed funds.

Gabi is a member of the volunteer group who decided that due to the charity’s financial pressures she wanted to raise funds and lend them even more support. Charities operating in Ireland are among the many sectors struggling due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Many have been forced to cancel key annual funding raising events due to the restrictions, often leading to an acute funding shortfall. Without people like Gabi, DEEL would sink under the weight of this pandemic, like many other charities.

DEEL is based in West Limerick and was established in 2016 by several like-minded women, passionate about animal welfare. They are a non-profit animal rescue charity. Their mission is to help abandoned and stray animals get to a place of safety and find their forever home.

DEEL is run solely by volunteers, everyone has a full time job and in their spare time works very hard to help abandoned or strayed animals.

All donations go exactly where it’s needed rather than administration or wages. The vast majority of their funds is used to treat abused, injured, and abandoned animals needing care, while some funds also go towards being able to afford to keep dogs in kennels as they have no premises and unfortunately, it sometimes takes a long time to house larger dogs and tend to stay in kennels for longer periods.

DEEL does not have the funds for a premise and so relies on a small group of fosterers and private boarding kennels where they pay to keep their orphans safe, warm, and fed. This year, they have helped 130 dogs and 198 cats and their vet bill and kennel bill has raised exponentially with very little funds to put towards it.

Due to Covid-19, they are unable to raise money through their usual ways and solely rely on online fundraisers.

Gabi hopes she can raise €2,000 to enable them to continue their amazing work.

If you would like to help you can do so by donating directly to the vets who the DEEl group work with – Adare Veterinary Clinic (061 – 396 390) and Andrea the Vet (087 278 0949), or by donating directly through their DEEL Animal Action Group Facebook page. You can also help by becoming one of their group of fosterers. 

By donating to DEEL you are ensuring that they can continue to do the amazing work that their charity does.

When we spoke with Martina Quinn, a co-ordinator of Deel, she was very grateful to Gabi, saying, “We would like to thank Gabi from the bottom of our hearts at DEEL. It is such a selfless thing to do. We know Gabi is a huge animal lover and helps so many animals in need. It is the tremendous support from our local community that keeps us going. Without the kindness of people like Gabi, we simply would not be able to keep going. Covid-19 has affected us severely and funds are at an all-time low. We appreciate any gesture no matter how big or how small.”


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