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WATCH Savour the flavours of Happy Food at Home vegan food in Limerick’s Milk Market



Savour the flavours of Happy Food at Home vegan food in Limerick’s Milk Market. Richard pictured with Ciara Brennan of Happy Food at Home.  Picture: Olena Oleksienko

Happy Food at Home has become a Milk Market staple over the past seven years offering incredible plant-based delights

Happy Food at Home vegan food in Limerick's Milk Market
Ciara pictured with regular customer Jill Storey and her daughters. Picture: Olena Oleksienko

Happy Food at Home, a seven-year veteran stall of the Milk Market providing fresh home-cooked vegan food bursting with flavour combinations has become a favourite of regular marketgoers over the years and a must-try for anyone visiting the market the famous Saturday market. 

The stall caters for dinner parties, pre-packed lunches and special events, or just a simple dinner to take home from the market, and the big selling point, it’s all vegan.

Ciara Brennan, Happy Food at Home explained the company will be in the Milk Market for seven years this September pointing to their unique selling point of being 100 per cent vegan and “will cook everything”.

She told I Love Limerick’s Richard Lynch, “I will cook everything, everything and I veganise it, so my sausage rolls for example are made from walnuts and red kidney beans full of fibre full of protein and really tasty. I usually do a lentil and spinach lasagna which is hugely popular, men love coming in for the lasagna and the enchilada, very very popular and my salads are my thing.”

Peter, a weekly customer, explained it is a mixture of the food and the service which has him coming back for more, “I love it because of the customer service first of all, you have great craic with Ciara and I’m a vegetarian so the food is, as you can see, it’s extremely colourful healthy and it provides me with all my nutritional value so it’s fantastic.”


In a move that will suit many, Happy Food at Home has regular customers who bring in their tupperware from home filling it with salads and other products to get them through the week ahead, or just to have on the go.

 Ciara pointed to another weekly customer named Jill saying, “Jill comes in every week with their own Tupperware as you can see, so we are being environmentally friendly we’re eating clean food and she feeds her family as well. So not only does she shop for herself but she shops for her sisters as well, so it’s fantastic every week without fail.”

Happy Food at Home is famous for their delicious salads. Picture: Olena Oleksienko

Jill spoke to I Love Limerick saying, “I would eat a lot of vegan and vegetarian food, but I’m not quite vegan or vegetarian yet but love this food this is the highlight of my week. it’s so nutritious it’s so fresh it’s so tasty look at it what’s not to love.”

The reason for starting a vegan food business in Limerick Ciara puts down to two reasons, she told I Love Limerick, “I had two reasons for starting it, one I was always vegetarian and I got breast cancer seven years ago as well. And there was there’s so much research with any type of cancer when you go plant-based and it has to be clean eating, there’s a lot of vegan food out there that is not clean so I wanted to do something authentic something from the heart, something that I enjoy and I have a passion for.”

Happy Food at Home can be found at what Ciara says is “the best farmers’ market in the country” at Limerick’s Milk Market every Saturday, so pop in to try some delicious food and some great conversation!

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