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Limerick Smarter Travel bicycle repair and cycling training Limerick Smarter Travel bicycle repair and cycling training


Limerick Milk Market and Limerick Smarter Travel bicycle repair and cycling training



Rider Sean Putt Professional Trials Addict – Photo Sean Curtin

The first initiative, being delivered in partnership with St. Mary’s Aid and 12 newly trained Community Bicycle Mechanics, from right across Limerick. It will start this Friday and continue every Friday from 10am to 3pm. The initiative will see a market stall being converted into a pop-up shop for bicycle service and repair, where members of the public can check in their bikes for affordable minor bicycle repairs and servicing.

The second initiative will see Cycling Ireland’s 8-week ‘Sprocket Rocket’ cycling training being offered to children between the ages of 5-11 years of age and will take place at the Milk Market each Sunday from January 2016. Taster sessions will be provided at the Milk Market between 11am and 1pm on Sunday. The project is being delivered in partnership with Sophie’s Journey Foundation and 10 newly-trained cycling instructors from right across Limerick.

Limerick Milk Market and Limerick Smarter Travel bicycle repair and cycling training

Event Bespoke Limerick Cycling Festival in June – Photo Limerick Smarter Travel




David Fitzgerald, Manager, Limerick Milk Market said: “We are proud to support these unique home grown initiatives while working closely with local partners and individuals as they provide worthwhile services that promote healthy lifestyles and eco-friendly travel alternatives such as cycling in and around Limerick.”

“We are encouraging individuals and families to call into the Milk Market on Fridays for Bicycle Repair and Sundays for Cycling Training, where they can avail of these unique and affordable services while enjoying the distinctive Milk Market atmosphere and offerings,” added Mr. Fitzgerald.

Miriam O’Donoghue, Project Manager, Limerick Smarter Travel said: “We are very encouraged by the uptake in cycling throughout Limerick City and its environs in the period since Limerick was designated as one of three Smarter Travel Demonstration Areas in Ireland. Cycling is an environmentally-friendly means of travel, and one that is healthy, relatively inexpensive, and supports an improved quality of life.

She continued, “During the past two years, Limerick Smarter Travel has introduced a number of initiatives aimed at encouraging sustainable travel throughout the city including our School Campus, Workplace and Community programmes and infrastructure projects such as the off-street secure indoor bicycle parking and lockers, and convenient on-street bicycle parking facilities throughout Limerick City Centre and key community locations throughout the demonstration area. Limerick Smarter Travel also recently launched a public consultation process on a new Cycle Network Plan to help identify the priorities for future investment in cycling in Limerick based on demand analysis.”

“We hope that people will be encouraged to come along to the Milk Market, based in the heart of Limerick City Centre, over the coming weeks, whether it is to have their bikes made road worthy for the New Year or gain the cycling skills needed to keep them safe while out cycling. We would also like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Christmas,” concluded Ms. O’Donoghue.

Patrick Kennedy, Manager, St. Mary’s Aid commented, “We at St Mary’s Aid are really happy to support this project and are especially pleased to see that the two candidates from St Mary’s that completed the Limerick Smarter Travel Bicycle Maintenance are now getting the opportunity along with their fellow mechanics to provide affordable bicycle servicing and repairs at the Milk Market each Friday.”

Liam Mulcahy, Director, Sophie’s Journey Foundation added, “The Team at Sophie’s Journey are delighted to be associated with promoting safe cycling within Limerick. Our promise is to deliver the programme to ensure the child’s safety when riding their bikes and improve their skill set also. We can’t wait to get the cycling training ‘taster sessions’ started this Sunday in a very unique place like the Milk Market”

Both initiatives are being supported by the Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government in partnership with Limerick City & County Council through the Local Agenda 21 Environment Partnership Fund.

For further information in relation to these and other initiatives designed to support walking, cycling and shared travel in Limerick visit call 061 407453 or email [email protected]


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