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Limerick Woman Orla Daly set up her very own luxury sustainable brand ‘CAYO.’ Limerick Woman Orla Daly set up her very own luxury sustainable brand ‘CAYO.’


Limerick woman Orla Daly speaks sustainability and her own luxury brand “CAYO”



Limerick Woman Orla Daly set up her very own luxury sustainable brand ‘CAYO.’

Limerick woman Orla Daly speaks sustainability and her own luxury brand “CAYO”

By I Love Limerick correspondent Ava O’Donoghue

Pictured above is Orla Daly wearing CAYO Limerick woman Orla Daly

Pictured above is Orla Daly wearing CAYO


Limerick’s Orla Daly recently shared an insight into her inspiring success story; from fashion blogger to owning her very own luxury sustainable brand ‘CAYO.’ Orla, beginning her journey into the fashion world with her blog always maintained an enthusiasm for fashion with her asking for a sewing machine during her Junior Cert so she could start making her own clothing.

Not only was Orla passionate about fashion at a young age, but she also had an interest in the property after her seeking inspiration from her parents who worked in the property business. Orla has always been headstrong and determined even at a young age, so there is no doubt in her ability to be an exceptional businesswoman.

Orla tells about the differences in lifestyle she had to make once she arrived in America on her J1. Her love for fashion got the better of her and she spent all her savings on a bag and matching wallet and had to “eat 30 cent noodles for a few weeks as a result” she says in an interview.

Orla says that one of the biggest mistakes she has made in the past was spending too much on clothes and shoes but once she started her own business that values itself in being a sustainable brand, she realised just how unethical brands were and what it takes to be a mindful consumer.

Orla says that it was that very realisation of unethical practices that led to her creating ‘seasonless’ items that can be worn for any occasion or season in order to minimise the need to buy multiple clothes. The jumpers themselves are high quality and made from Alpaca wool which is more ethically sourced than other furs and wools of luxury brands. The brand describes itself as being a “slow fashion” meaning the wearer will get multiple wears out of it. The lack of having to buy multiple clothing pieces can lead to a huge change in the carbon footprint left behind. CAYO understands that while it is not simple to be fully carbon-free there are things they can do to help – by donating an annual amount to the Carbon Fund.

On the CAYO website and Instagram Orla pays a lovely homage to her Limerick background in a series of photos of her jumpers as models can be seen posing outside places such as The Savoy and also by the riverside. Orla’s story is an inspiring one – how she took her interest and passion for fashion and knowledge of ethical consumption and turned it into a luxury brand that is kind to the environment.

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