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Broadcaster and Author Meghann Scully shares her Little Pocket of Love



Little Pocket of Love by Author Meghann Scully pictured above is out now

Broadcaster and Author Meghann Scully shares her Little Pocket of Love

By I Love Limerick correspondent Mary Caroline McCarthy

Author Meghann Scully has released her second book called Little Pocket of Love


Her first book was called Broken Love and was a poignant and honest book exploring loss and grief. Meghann candidly discusses the deaths of her brother and father within a year whilst she was a teenager and how she had to try to navigate her way through her loss and grief.


Meghann’s brother Marcus died following a car crash in 2005 when she was just 15 years old and he was 18. 

Then her father Maxie passed away from an illness in 2006, two weeks before she started her Leaving Cert year. 

Meghann said she struggled to process what happened saying, “To lose the two men I loved the most in such a short space of time…The two men I first fell in love with, my two heroes.”

The radio presenter, who now has her own show on Classic Hits FM and is a columnist with the Limerick Post, said to cope with her loss, she threw herself into years of reading, researching, and putting plans into practice and as a result has developed what she calls the ‘MEG method’ which can help you “to live a better life and find more happiness in each day.”

Her new book Little Pocket of Love is a pocket-sized book of quotes that can neatly fit in a handbag, pocket, or discreet enough to sit on a coffee table or nightstand. The themes of the book cover love, loss, grief, friendships, relationships, separation, divorce, mental health, anxiety, Covid 19, and more.

In these pages, she presents her MEG method, M= Mind, E= Envisage, G = Go. Meghann believes you must first set your mind to something and be truly mindful of what you want. Then envisage that reality by using a mood board and have a physical representation of what you want. Then go get it.

You can use this method for many areas of your life. You can use it to set yourself a new goal, to take more time for yourself, to attract love, or use it for your career.

You can read the book front to back, pick a theme, or simply pick it up and see what page falls before your eyes and what advice you can learn from the Little Pocket of Love.

Meghann speaking about her book, said, “You can use this method for so many areas of your life. Some years ago, I made the decision that I wanted to travel as much as I could. In the space of twelve months, I visited a new city every month. It was incredible. It also taught me how to budget and save so I could afford each trip.”

“You can use such methods to attract love as well. You can also use it for your career. But you have to believe in the process as well. Little Pocket of Love is a book of inspiration for you to take into 2021 and it aims to bring you calm in a hectic world.”

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