Order of Malta Ambulance Corps holding CPR Awareness in Parkway shopping centre

Malta Ambulance Corps
The limerick unit of the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps will be holding a CPR awareness and demo day in the parkway shopping centre on the 1st and 2nd of April.
The primary aim of our demonstration in the parkway shopping centre will be to demonstrate to members of the public the use of an AED ( automated external defibrillator) and the performance of CPR to aid those in the event of cardiac Arrest.
With 70% of Cardiac Arrests occurring outside of the hospital environment and in the presence of family and friends, along with the prevalence of sudden adult death syndrome, knowing CPR and and basic functionality of an AED can increase the survival rates of those individuals.
Shoppers will be shown all the basic steps involved from making a 999 call to CPR and AED use  and actively encouraged to participate as they may never know when they might need it. Whilst this demonstration cannot replace an actual training course we hope to show that these crucial life saving steps can be performed by almost anyone of almost any age and can be all the difference.
Basic first aid techniques from wound and fracture management will also be demonstrated along with ambulance equipment usage by our members.
Also present will be additional equipment in use by the first responders and emergency medical technicians of the Ambulance Corps. With 4000 volunteers nationwide and in excess of 40 in the Limerick unit our volunteers along with our emergency vehicles provide pre-hospital emergency care throughout the county from small community events to larger regional events such as the recent Shannon airshow with no government funding.
Finally our members will also be in hand to field any questions regarding recruitment into the unit should anyone wish to volunteer and vastly increase their skills and knowledge in this area.
Malta Ambulance Corps will be in the parkway shopping centre on Friday 1st April till the afternoon and will be there throughout Saturday morning till late afternoon.
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