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Samaritans Ambassador Pat Shortt is urging the public to talk to the charity if they are finding it difficult to cope. Samaritans Ambassador Pat Shortt is urging the public to talk to the charity if they are finding it difficult to cope.


Samaritans Ambassador Pat Shortt spreads awareness of the charity’s work



Samaritans Ambassador Pat Shortt is urging the public to talk to the charity if they are finding it difficult to cope.

Samaritans invite Irish actor, comedian, writer and entertainer Pat Shortt to be Ambassador for the branch

Samaritans Ambassador Pat Shortt Catherine Slater, Branch Director Samaritans with Pat.
Catherine Slater, Branch Director Samaritans with Pat.

Samaritans Limerick and Tipperary branch are pleased to welcome Pat Shortt, Irish actor, comedian, writer and entertainer as Ambassador for the branch. Pat is well known as one half of the D’unbelievables (with Jon Kenny), as well as touring sell out solo comedy shows. He has appeared in several television shows, most notably Killinaskully and acted in numerous films, including Garage where he won several Best Actor awards.  

Samaritans Ambassador Pat Shorttsaid, “Samaritan volunteers are great people providing much needed support to people who are finding life difficult to cope with. I’d like to get involved any way I can to support and promote their work. You won’t find me at the end of the phone if you ring them though – I’m not famous for my listening skills!”  




Catherine Slater, Branch Director said, “As Pat was born in Tipperary and is currently living in Limerick, we are thrilled to announce that Limerick and Tipperary Branch Samaritans Ambassador Pat Shortt has chosen to support our charity. He is incredibly popular and well known, both locally and nationally. We are looking forward to working with him to help spread awareness of Samaritans, and we very much appreciate his support and enthusiasm for the work we do.”  

Samaritans are a charity aimed at proving emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide.

The past two years have been difficult, and many people have experienced challenges with their mental health and wellbeing. In 2020 alone, the Samaritans in Ireland answered over 520,000 calls on their 24/7 helpline.

They are available both day and night for anyone who is having difficulty coping, or just needs someone to listen without judgement or pressure.

The Samaritans were established in Ireland in 1961 and have 21 branches across Ireland with over 2,000 active volunteers.

The Samaritans are not only for moments of crisis but take actions to prevent the crisis. The pandemic has challenged us all and has a significant impact on peoples’ mental health and may continue to have an impact in people’s lives in the years and months to come, and the Samaritans want people to know that they are there 24/7 to help people through whatever issues they are facing.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to contact Samaritans, they are available for contact for free 24/7 on 116 123, or you can email [email protected], or visit their website HERE

Donations can be made to Samaritans HERE

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