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Singer songwriter Lúila answers 10 questions



10 Questions with singer songwriter Lúila about her journey in performance, memorable moments, and music style.

Singer songwriter Lúila answers 10 questions with I Love Limerick about her journey in performance, memorable moments, and music style

Singer songwriter Lúila answers 10 questions with I Love Limerick about her journey in performance, memorable moments, and music style
Singer songwriter Lúila moved to Toronto in search of inspiration after performing as a stage dancer and fire performer in Ibiza

Originally from Limerick where she began her performing career, Lúila moved to Toronto in search of inspiration after performing as a stage dancer and fire performer in Ibiza, for The Rubberbandits and Campaign LK. She also appears in a number of music videos, documentaries and short films as an actor and model. Lúila’s music is soulful, and influenced by rock and folk icons like Dolores O Riordan, Stevie nicks, Dolly Parton and Alanis Morrissette. She will take you on a journey of deep feelings and empowerment, With some rock and roll flair and a splash of old folk attitude.

Commenting on her style, singer songwriter Lúila said, “I started off singing very old folk songs at open mics and then started doing some rock covers too. So, I definitely mainly am influenced by Rock and folk when it comes to songwriting. I have been writing a lot of songs with a message of hope and empowerment. I have a strong performing background in dancing and fire performances, so I’m going to incorporate all my experiences into my live shows, videos and whatnot. I’m full of inspiration now and I’m loving the whole process”.

Lúila is currently working on some new music. She said, “I like most genres so I think what I’ll be putting out in the future will just keep people guessing. The next two songs I’m working on are all different from each other. I want to show I can be versatile. I also just enjoy working on different kinds of music and singing in different styles. I have also brought singing with a band and practising for some live shows when things open back up. I am definitely excited for this new venture of mine and seeing where I can take it”.




How would I describe myself in 3 words

Creative, ambitious, and funny. 

Can you tell us about your childhood? 

I grew up in Castleconnell. Lots of great memories around our home. I went to Castletroy College Secondary School. I’m very fortunate to be close to my family and really appreciate being home after spending a couple years away. 

Tell me about your background in performance

Lúila is currently working on some new music

Starting at a young age I always was singing and dancing around the place. That took me into musical summer camps and choirs. As I got older I turned down the more alternative side of live entertainment by doing fire shows I,e fire breathing, fire eating and fire dancing ,Which Led me to performing on stages and clubs throughout Ireland, the UK and Ibiza and eventually Toronto Canada. Canada is where I started singing properly. I Started singing at open mics in Toronto to go on hosting and performing in my own open mic night and numerous musical events going forward. During the lockdown for covid I used that time into releasing my first original song (golden goddess) and debut as my former stage name Lúila. My second release since then was “Ghost of soldier” . I’m currently working on new music. 

What brought you back to Ireland?

I have gained so much experience in the music and film world in Canada and felt the calling to go back home and see where I would go next. When the strikes were on, a lot slowed down in the film industry. I’m fortunate to have the time and energy now to put into music and play live shows. It’s nice to be back with my family after spending 6 years away from home. 

What are your plans for being back in Ireland?

My plan over the next couple of months to a year is to get myself out there as much as I can and get busy playing live shows. Write some original music with the new band we’ve formed. Would be nice to play at some festivals too! 

So the band members we have are local musicians whose names are Mike Hennigar, Jack Clohessy, Gavin Burke and Diarmuid O ‘Connor. We have been working on a blues cover band called ‘Edged in Blue’. A rock cover band is also underway. We’ll be getting down to the writing phase on some originals together. The past couple of weeks have been really enjoyable. We’re enjoying getting the band fully formed and really look forward to playing some live shows. 

I see myself continuing working in a creative field and having accomplished many music goals I may have. 

What are memorable moments in your performance career?

Singer songwriter Lúila answers 10 questions
The singer songwriter has been working on a blues cover band called ‘Edged in Blue’.

One was my last performance in Dolans for the 19th annual Crooning at Christmas show. It was my first time singing in Limerick so it was a lovely feeling. Performing in front of big crowds. Some of my most memorable moments were just completely random things I would get asked to do like wearing a horse head mask for ‘Horse’.

How would you describe your music style? 

I wouldn’t say I stick to one certain style. I’m enjoying playing around with different genres and styles. I like to write songs about experiences/feelings and telling stories. I want to give a sense of empowerment and growth through my songs. It’s important for people to have an outlet no matter what. Artists especially need to express their creativity. It’s the way forward. 

My main inspirations would be. Dolores O’ Riordan, Stevie Nicks, Alanis Morrisette, Dolly Parton and a lot of the old rock singers like Blondie and Heart. I listen to all types of music really. As long as it’s good as they say! 

Lúila says here main inspirations are Dolores O’Riordan, Stevie Nicks, Alanis Morrisette, Dolly Parton

What has been your biggest achievement?

Releasing my own music and my first very own music videos. I’ve always been involved in other people’s videos rather than my own. I did enjoy all of those experiences non the less. I’m continuously working on a project and putting myself out there as much as possible. I’m excited to see what’s on the road ahead. Oh ya, Singing for the first time in Dolan’s was a lovely moment for me.

What has been the most challenging part of your music career? 

The most challenging part is the financial side of funding your own songs and videos. When you haven’t made your mark on the scene yet it takes a while. You also want to make sure you’re getting the best production you can afford for your work. I’m really enjoying it all at the same time. It is worth every penny for the experiences I’ve gained. 

What’s your favourite thing about Limerick? 

I have to say my favourite thing about Limerick is the extremely talented people that come from Limerick. It’s such a wide range of different types of artists, musicians, actors, filmmakers, sports stars, the list goes on. It makes me very proud to say I’m from Limerick. It’s great to be back and reconnecting with other creatives. 

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