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Why I Love my Job by Stacey Mulcahy, owner of The Porcelain Doll Nail Bar



Stacey Mulcahy pictured outside her business The Porcelain Doll Nail Bar located on Foxes Bow

Why I Love my Job by Stacey Mulcahy, owner of The Porcelain Doll Nail Bar

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Ann Mc Donald

Stacey mulcahy Stacey has been doing nails for over 12 years and has set up a training academy to teach people how to do nails

Stacey has been doing nails for over 12 years and has set up a training academy to teach people how to do nails


Stacey Mulcahy is a nail technician and owner of The Porcelain Doll Nail Bar, located on Foxes Bow in Limerick City. This award-winning salon has an experienced, highly-trained team of nail technicians who love all things nail art. 

The Porcelain Doll specializes in gel nails and gel polish, and also offers Gel Nail Technician courses.  

Stacey prides herself on making sure every customer has an enjoyable and professional service and leaves with a smile on their face. 

What makes you a proud Limerick woman?

Well, I actually born in Tipperary, but I moved to Limerick when I was 16. If I’m honest, the people of Limerick are phenomenal and always there to help each other out at any time. The City is in transition at present and its future looks bright for businesses

When did you start getting into doing nails?

I’ve been doing nails for 12 years or more. I started out as a hairdresser, but always had a passion for nails. In the industry, nail art and design are always changing so it’s important to stay ahead of the game.

What was it like opening your own business?

Frightening! It was a massive step for me if I’m honest. Thinking things over in my head, wondering how things would work out, the fear of failure in an ever-changing climate. But I have to say it was a brilliant decision and one I haven’t regretted as my clients are the best part of my job, they’re honestly the best in the world.

What is your favorite nail art to do?

I love it all, to be honest. It’s hard to “nail” it down to one. People’s personalities reflect their choices and it’s fun when someone gives you a challenge. People have some great ideas and I also like to put my own personal touch on it also. But the brighter the better!

What are some tips you have for those that aspire to be a nail technician?

Work hard, train across a broad spectrum. It’s not just a case of doing a course and then you are ready to take on the world, it takes time and creativity to master so practice practice practice! It’s also important to up-skill as often as you can. If you stand still in the industry, you’ll be left behind

Stacey Mulcahy Stacey with Richard Lynch of I Love Limerick

Stacey with Richard Lynch of I Love Limerick

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your business?

The loss of my daughter Sophie was a pinnacle, I have to say losing someone so loving and beautiful impacted me in a big way. She was my drive and inspiration. I don’t think I’d be half the person I am today without her in my life However, in the last 2 years, I think Covid was super tough also having to close my doors not knowing if I would be able to open again was really scary.

What work achievements are you most proud of? 

My Training Academy. Helping people to develop a foothold in the industry and watching them flow and flourish. The academy is 6 years old now and I have to say I love teaching. We cover and wide range of courses. It was also a big goal of mine from the start. I’m especially proud of it.

Where do you get inspiration for nail art from?

It’s about staying relevant to changing fashion, tv celebrity to seasonal occasions. It’s important to listen to the client and know what they want and then give them the absolute best.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

For me, it’s about short-term goals not looking too far into the future. Life can change and opportunities can arise in a second . I’ve had lots of plans going forward to improve the salon and further educate myself. But I’m extremely happy for what I’ve achieved so far making The Porcelain Doll a household name in Limerick.

What is your favourite thing about Limerick?

The charm of the people. It’s what makes Limerick good. It’s got some unique stand-out characters and places that make Limerick a beautiful city to live in.

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