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Limerick company TRANSLIT launch new technology



TRANSLIT CEO, Alex Chernenko pictured above. Picture: Gary Collins.

Limerick company TRANSLIT launch new technology

TRANSLIT CEO Alex Chernenko says his company’s Remote Simultaneous Interpretation technology, which takes the form of a slick new mobile app, can transform the language industry and help provide jobs in the local community.

The Limerick-based Language Solutions Provider has big plans this year and the successful launch of their RSI technology on Tuesday, January 19 will be a massive boost.


Simultaneous interpreting involves an interpreter translating in real-time. The original technology was created for the Nuremberg Trials at the end of World War Two. The equipment and process has not changed much since. It still requires interpreters to be on-site and listeners have to use portable infrared or radio receivers, and headphones.

But remote interpretation became a viable option recently, and last year’s global pandemic highlighted the need to have interpreters working remotely instead of travelling to events.

TRANSLIT has been at the forefront of interpreting innovation for over ten years, and their solution will be available for both iOS and Android. It provides the opportunity to book an interpreter in minutes over the phone or by using conference tools like Zoom, Skype, or any other.

“The interpreter can work remotely with TRANSLIT’s RSI technology. It also alleviates the need for cumbersome professional equipment,” said Mr Chernenko.

“Instead, the interpretation is streamed online via the mobile app, connecting clients with interpreters from any location as long as they have an internet connection. Local businesses and the public sector will now have access to RSI technology without having to engage with overseas providers. This is good from a security perspective, data privacy and also supporting local businesses in creating new jobs for local interpreters. There are less than 20 providers in the world offering RSI technology at the moment. TRANSLIT joins the list to represent Ireland for the language industry. This technology will strengthen TRANSLIT’s competitive advantage for public and enterprise sectors and increase the global recognition of Irish tech firms.”

TRANSLIT has offices in Limerick and Cork, but if the new RSI technology is a success it will aid their bid to set up a Dublin office before they move worldwide, with their expansion into Moscow and London in the coming months.

It was a Covid-19 disrupted year but they managed to launch a new training division called TRANSLIT Pro. The company has also hired seven new staff, with four new positions being filled with the introduction of the RSI technology.

TRANSLIT offers a complete 24-7 tailored service with their RSI technology, and Mr Chernenko believes the interpreting app will ensure his business can continue to grow in the face of the global pandemic.

“In the past, Ireland favoured face-to-face on-site interpreters even when other countries had moved online and over the phone. The pandemic shifted that transition to remote,” said Mr Chernenko.

“We now see state bodies switching to phone interpreting services to promote the safety of all stakeholders. The next step is to fully add remote interpreting capabilities and integrate mobile apps utilising the latest technology. TRANSLIT offers and supports this. This will also allow for higher quality interpreters to join, reduce costs and save time without the need to travel. Interpreters continue to remain at the core of our service. Our new RSI technology is not to replace interpreters but to support our clients to access remote interpretation while ensuring safety for everyone at such challenging times. TRANSLIT’s mission remains the same – to provide fast and easy access to interpreting services for everyone who needs it.”

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