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Limerick beauty and fashion brand Enchant launch affordable and luxurious collections



Enchant jewellery collection modelled above by Sinead O’ Brien of Sinead’s Curvy Style

Limerick beauty and fashion brand Enchant launch affordable and luxurious collections

By I Love Limerick correspondent Mary Caroline McCarthy


Miriam Costello, owner of Enchant



With all the bad news circulating in the media recently, it is encouraging to instead focus on a local Limerick success story. I recently spoke to Miriam Costello, owner of two Castletroy salons Enchant Beauty, Enchant Sanctuary, and the online luxury fashion and accessories brand

In March 2020 Miriam was forced to close her two salons due to Covid-19, “After 10 years in business in Castletroy, it was devastating to my loyal staff and customers to close my doors, but the health and safety of the community was my primary concern”. Miriam, a graduate of the University of Limerick’s MBA programme utilised her business acumen and instead turned to growing and developing her online fashion and accessories brand Enchant. “I recognised the immediate shift to online shopping with consumers changing their behaviours when it comes to purchasing as a result of the pandemic”

Earlier in 2020, Limerick beauty and fashion brand Enchant launched a new collection named ‘The Simplicity Collection’ which included a range of jewellery named after leading female icons.

In 2010, entrepreneur Miriam opened Enchant Beauty, in Castletroy. It was established because of Miriam’s passion for luxury and her belief that every woman deserves to feel like a million dollars.

Enchant Beauty was born with the opening of a warm, friendly, and relaxing beauty salon to help you unwind and take a break away from your busy lives. The salon grew quickly and within four years of opening, Miriam opened Enchant Sanctuary in Castletroy to offer customers more tranquility when they desired it.

Over the course of their ten years in business, Enchant has released many different collections such as hairbands and different beauty products that follow their guarantee of luxury at an affordable price.


‘The Simplicity Collection’ includes a range of jewellery named after leading female icons.

Following two years of extensive research and product design, The Simplicity Collection was released. It was originally supposed to be released in March of 2020, however, due to Covid-19 Miriam decided to hold back on her launch and close all her salons for the safety of everyone.

Miriam recently decided to go forward with the release of The Simplicity Collection as she believes, now more than ever, people need to look after themselves and really indulge themselves in the self-care that Enchant was built to promote.

Since the release and the success of The Simplicity Collection, Miriam has released more collections onto her website including The Enchanting Collection and a collection of faux fur headbands and cuff sets. Each product has been extensively researched and designed to fit the luxury affordable brand and to fit their ideals of making women feel their absolute best in the Enchant products.

On speaking of her brand and their collections Miriam said, “Enchant was initially just the two beauty salons and the Enchant brand came around as we love to provide products and services that women can use to individualise their outfits and individualise their look. We are currently working very hard on more products like this that are really good quality that have a really luxurious feel and are affordable because we believe every woman should be able to have some luxury in their life.” Congrats Miriam! Limerick businesses need our support now more than ever!

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