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Ireland’s newest Technological University TUS Officially Opens



TUS officially opens – Pictured at the official opening was Minister of State with responsibility for Skills and Further Education at the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science Niall Collins TD being measured by Fashion Design student Jordan Doyle and with President of TUS  Professor Vincent Cunnane and students

Ireland’s newest Technological University TUS Officially Opens

Tus Officially Opens

Pictured at the official opening was Jakub Kostanski, Darcey Lawless and Zara Thomas. Picture: Julien Behal Photography

Ireland’s first transregional university – Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest – a university whose development largely occurred against a backdrop of a global pandemic, has been officially opened.

TUS comprises a student population of more than 14,000 and a staff complement of approximately 2,000 people working fulltime and part-time across an extensive footprint spanning six campuses in Athlone, Limerick (Moylish and Limerick School of Art and Design), Clonmel, Ennis and Thurles.

It will be a new university, driving development and investment across the Midlands and Midwest with a consolidation of expertise that will further strengthen its competitiveness.

The status and recognition of being a Technological University will enable TUS to offer a more diverse range of research and to award degrees in new areas of speciality, while it will remain committed to retaining and building upon its ethos of providing higher education to all those who would benefit from it.

Echoing the Irish translation for tús – ‘beginning’, the official launch of TUS as we emerge post pandemic ideally positions it to provide access to the highest level of education, technology and research to an enormous hinterland with a population of almost 850,000.

This is especially relevant in the context of the exponential growth of the digital economy and the societal shift towards remote working, rural migration and the revival of the regions. The demand for upskilling and reskilling has never been greater, nor has the demand from enterprises to collaborate with higher education on research, innovation and development as they adapt to the post pandemic economy.

Tus Officially Opens

Pictured as TUS Officially opens were Fashion student Jordan Doyle and Applied Psychology student Sarah Hughes. Picture: Julien Behal Photography

TUS  officially opens through an innovative and interactive opening ceremony that took place in the Athlone International Arena and the Millennium Theatre Moylish on Friday, October 1, 2021.

Minister of State for Skills and Further Education Niall Collins and inaugural TUS President Professor Vincent Cunnane were among the keynote speakers for the ceremony.

“Education plays a critical role in building a strong and resilient Irish society and economy,” Minister Collins stated,

“As we emerge from an incredibly challenging period as a result of Covid-19, the future for our education sector and regional development has never been more positive and promising. The launch of TUS here today is a celebration of what can be achieved through collaboration and connectedness across regions which is key to growth and prosperity at a micro and macro level.

“Deserved recognition as a TU is testament to the passion, collaborative effort and ambition strengthened by significant stakeholder engagement which has been instrumental in shaping this exciting new university. It’s fitting also how technology played an important role in enabling the collaboration and extensive planning and research required to launch TUS despite 18 months of remote learning and work as a result of the pandemic. Today we celebrate the belief, ambition and unwavering efforts of all those involved.” 

TUS will have a lasting legacy that will bolster these regions from an education, social, economic and cultural perspective to benefit generations to come, stated inaugural TUS President Professor Vincent Cunnane.

“Achieving TU status creates momentum that will have a far-reaching positive impact for generations to come. We are incredibly proud of our dynamic student base and our skilled and ambitious staff, across each of our six campuses, whose shared values and ambition we celebrate as we look forward to an exciting ‘new beginning’.

“Not only is today a momentous day for our staff and students, it is also hugely significant for the wider economic landscape of the Midlands and Midwest with an estimated economic impact of approximately €420 million per annum. TUS will be a research and innovation hub for enterprises and will foster a wider and deeper skills base that will make the regions more attractive for inward investment. This will help grow future jobs and incomes as well as deeply impacting the social and cultural fabric of the communities we serve.”

The geography of the Midlands and Midwest region is linked by the River Shannon, symbolising the “flow of knowledge and ideas” which has been represented in the TUS logo which was unveiled at its official opening ceremony held on Friday October 1.

The event aligned to the TUS core values of innovation, access and community by being streamed live and featuring interviews and short videos of TUS students, lecturers and local business people who brought to life the vision, ambition and impact of TUS.

The Mayor of the City and County of Limerick has welcomed the official opening.  Mayor Daniel Butler said the official opening of TUS, which comprises a student population of more than 14,000 and a staff of 2,000 across Limerick and five other campuses in Athlone, Clonmel, Ennis and Thurles, is ‘an exciting day that will drive development and investment across the region’.

“We now have two new university campuses in the city at Moylish and Limerick School of Art and Design on Clare Street and that’s a big win for Limerick to further strengthen our competitiveness and for those who wish to live, work and study here,” he said. “The establishment of this new technological university will play a critical role in shaping the future of Limerick and the Mid-West with regional development and leadership at the heart of the TUS remit.  Employers in Limerick constantly reference the availability of talent in this region to add value to their operations. As TUS will be a research and innovation hub fostering a wide skills base, this will be a huge attraction to showcase Limerick and the Mid-West as a centre of innovation and to future investors.”

The Mayor continued: “What is also important is that the status and recognition of being a Technological University will enable TUS to retain and build upon its ethos of providing higher education to all those who can benefit from it.  I would like to pay tribute to inaugural TUS President Dr Vincent Cunnane and the team at TUS for the belief, hard work and ambition that led to this day, particularly against the background of the global pandemic. I look forward to meeting and engaging with many TUS staff and students over the months and years ahead. Congratulations on your new beginning.”

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