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Aaron Hackett habitat Aaron Hackett habitat


Limerick singer-songwriter Aaron Hackett releases new single ‘Habitat’



Aaron Hackett Habitat single is the first single from his new EP. Aaron Pictured above.


Limerick singer-songwriter Aaron Hackett releases new single ‘Habitat’

By I Love Limerick Correspondent Tara Byrne

Aaron Hackett habitat

The cover of Aaron’s single “Habitat’

Limerick singer-songwriter Aaron Hackett releases his new single ‘Habitat,’ the first single from his upcoming EP ‘Public Interest’ on Friday, February 19. 

Aaron who is from Dooradoyle describes the new single as a “feel-good pop song” that also highlights the importance of remaining true to yourself while becoming successful. He emphasises in the chorus that he does not come from a lavish background and that singers shouldn’t have to pretend to in order to gain success in the industry.

Aaron wrote and recorded this song entirely over lockdown late last year. He is currently studying a Masters in Songwriting and feels like this song and the rest of the EP are a product of that. The song was written, recorded, produced, and mastered all in Aaron’s bedroom in compliance with Covid guidelines.

He tells us, “The song itself isn’t like anything I’ve really done before – lyrically, it’s almost like you’re hearing a conversation I’m having with somebody. While writing this song, I was imagining I was addressing it to this idea of the perfect, polished, industry-made popstar, who doesn’t care much about music but more-so their image. I’m trying to argue that an artist should be able to stick to their roots and be successful at the same time. In the music industry, we should be hearing a lot less of “the artist needs to change everything they’re about to fit this industry” and more “the industry needs to adapt in order to support a wider variety of artists”.

Aaron lets his fans know that the full EP will be out in April and before then, he is going to release one more single sometime in March. While describing the EP, he states, “The EP kind of follows my thoughts and feelings throughout the lockdowns of last year; it starts in quite a lonely place, but by the end, you’ll hear that I find some kind of peace in realising that many of us are feeling and thinking the same things at the moment. There’s something really reassuring about discovering that connection.”

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